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tumbled stone pendants with decorations in the background
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tourmaline, blue topaz, andalusite tumbled stone pendants on white background
tumbled stone pendants next to a ruler for size reference

Tourmaline Blue Topaz Adalusite Tumbled Stone Crystal Pendant with Silver Tone Bail


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This listing is for ONE (1) Tumbled stone pendant with silver Tone Bail. (S34B25)

STOCK PHOTO. The item you receive may vary slightly in size shape or color.

Available in Tourmaline, Blue Topaz, and Andalusite. 

Topaz helps with mental clarity and wisdom. It opens up your mind to figure out the right path to a successful life. Topaz bring wealth and good fortune along with inspiring creativity. 

<Throat Chakra>

Tourmaline helps individuals attain higher levels of awareness. It is a purifying stone that deflects and transforms negative energy in individuals and environments.

Excellent for dispelling fears and obsessions, emotional stability, and restoring peace. < Root Chakra >


Andalusite is a balancing stone that can offer stability and grounding to your emotions. It reduces conflict and opens your eyes to all sides of any situation. It protects you from energy drain and brings good vibrations into your hear. 


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