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Tumbled Iron Pyrite Stones - 1/2 Pound Bag or 1 Pound Bag


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Discover the Beauty and Power of Tumbled Pyrite Stones - Perfect for Collecting, Crafting, and Spiritual Decor

Unlock the potential of pyrite crystal with our stunning tumbled pyrite stones, available in both 1/2 pound and 1 pound bags. Each stone is carefully selected to provide you with the highest quality iron pyrite, ideal for enhancing your collection, crafting unique projects, or adding a touch of natural beauty to your spiritual space.

Why Choose Our Tumbled Pyrite Stones:

  • Pyrite Stone Collection: These beautiful pyrite nuggets are perfect for adding to your crystal collection, each with unique characteristics and natural allure.
  • Crafting Projects: Incorporate these iron pyrite stones into your DIY crafts, jewelry making, or home decor for a touch of metallic brilliance.
  • Spiritual Space: Enhance your meditation area, altar, or sacred space with the grounding energy of pyrite, known as the "Stone of Luck."
  • Healing Properties: Pyrite attracts abundance and wealth, deflects negative energies, and promotes physical health and emotional well-being. Use it as your personal bodyguard against negativity.

Product Details:

  • Stone Sizes: Approximately 19mm x 20mm to 30mm x 32mm
  • Weight Options:
    • 1/2 pound bag: Contains about 7 to 10 pieces
    • 1 pound bag: Contains about 10 to 14 pieces
  • Stock Photo: Each pyrite stone will vary slightly in size and characteristics.

Additional Information:

  • Pyrite, often called "Fool's Gold," is celebrated for its sparkling metallic luster and its powerful energetic properties. Embrace the "Stone of Luck" and invite prosperity, protection, and positivity into your life.


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