This Picture is Showing all the different color variations we have available for our thick Coasters.
This Picture is showing four of our blue thick style coasters we have available, with some decorative stars and agate double terminated points aswell.
Picture of five of our pink Thick coasters, decorated by some rose quartz towers and citrine points.
Picture of Five of our purple thick coasters, decorated by purple towers and amethyst tumbled stones.
Picture of 5 of our blue thick style coasters, decorated with some moons, citrine points and flowers.
Picture of 5 of our back thick coasters, decorated by some of our agate hearts, celestite stones and flowers.

Agate Slice Coasters Thick Stlye

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Choose your agate slices. Pick your color and desired quantity using the drop down menu.

STOCK PHOTO. Each agate slice will vary slightly in size and characteristics.

Although these agates have been dyed, it's original chemical composition and the crystal structure are the same, we only added some visual colors that also can bring different energies.

Beautiful hues on these agates.

Handmade in Brazil, each agate is hand cut and polished

Beautiful patterns making each one unique.

We have all types of agate slices to meet your needs.

Available in the following colors:
Natural Tones

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