The Complete Grimoire - By Lidia Pradas

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Magical Practices and Spells for Awakening your Inner Witch

A grimoire is a handbook filled with all the magickal information, rituals and practices that a witch uses during their lifetime - a key tool of their craft. Written by Linda Pradas, the creator of the beloved Instagram handle Wiccan Tips, The Complete Grimoire is your magical beginner's guide to witchcraft practices and knowledge. 

Beautifully illustrated and written in a concise and practical style, The Complete Grimoire represents the key pillars of witchcraft, including:

  • Procuring the proper tools and setting up an alter
  • Properties and uses of crystals and herbs
  • Sabbats and the Wheel of the Year
  • How to safely work with deities and spirits

You'll also learn fundamental spells and rituals, such as casting a circle, creating a sigil, and making moon water.

The Complete Grimoire is a reassuring and trusted guide on your witchcraft journey, addressing key questions and debunking common misconceptions. It is an informative, accurate resource the newly initiated and experienced witch alike can use in their daily craft.  



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