Huge Mexican Onyx Sphere Lamps - You Choose -
Huge Mexican Onyx Sphere Lamp displayed as yard decor
Huge Mexican Onyx Sphere Lamp displayed as home decor
Huge Mexican Onyx Sphere Lamps - You Choose -
lamp can be displayed in yard or indoors
lamp displayed in garden
onyx lamp will be shipped in custom crate
Huge Mexican Onyx Sphere Lamps - You Choose -

Huge Mexican Onyx Sphere Lamps - You Choose -


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Listing: ONE (1) Huge Mexican Onyx Sphere Lamp - You Choose - (WRHS-LMP).

Each sphere has its own unique pattern and gorgeous coloring! The bottom of the spheres are cut base so they may be displayed on a hard surface without rolling around. Make one yours and display in your home, garden or sacred space!

These are One of a Kind pieces! You will receive the exact one as pictured. 

You Select your favorite one! Available in:

  • 01Medium - Measures Approx.: 3' 3"tall x 3' 3" wide WEIGHT: 160.000kg
  • 02Large - Measures Approx.: 3' 11.5" tall x 3' 11.5" wide WEIGHT: 229.000kg

*Comes with a standard Type A plug for the USA.
Important information.
In the US each Lamp Comes with a Standard US Plug.
We do not recommend use for International with adapters.

    * Mexican Onyx has layered bands of light-colored minerals. Many call slabs of onyx banded calcite. Light-colored Onyx reflects the color of purity, cleanliness and innocence. Light-colored Onyx is thought to stimulate the higher chakras and help enhance our dreams. <Crown Chakra>  <Third Eye Chakra>

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