Hand holding up amethyst slice beads with others ion white background
Up close shot of string of amethyst slice beads on white background
up close shot of 4 strings of amethyst slice beads on white background
string of amethyst slice beads circled around a quarter for size reference on white background
Hand holding amethyst slice bead to show thickness of bead with others blurred on white background
side view of amethyst slice beads on white background

Amethyst Slice Beads - Amethyst Slices - 1 STRAND - (CHN-BD-15)


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This Listing is for (One) 1 strand of - Semi-Polished Amethyst Beads - Amethyst Slices - 1 Strand - (CHN-BD-15)

STOCK PHOTO. Each strand will vary slightly in size and characteristics.

Strand measures approx. 15" long and holds approx. 10 beads. Some strands may have more or less beads than others. These come with a top drill hole that goes across the whole top.

These Amethyst slice beads are beautiful! Each strand is so unique and has a variation of shapes, colors and textures. These amethyst slice beads are individually cut, shaped, and semi-polished leaving some natural formation. Perfect for crafting, wire wrapping or jewelry projects!

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***Amethyst is a meditative and calming stone that works on the emotional, spiritual, and physical planes. It promotes tranquility, balance, and peace. Physically, amethyst has been called the “SOBRIETY STONE” and helps in healing many kinds of addictions and destructive behaviors.

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