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Rose Quartz Angel Pendant -- Silver Tone Wire Wrapped Angel Pendant (RK109B15-07)

Sold Out

Product Details

This listing is for ONE (1) petite wire wrapped rose quartz angel pendant. (RK109B15-07)

STOCK PHOTO. These pendants may vary slightly in size and in characteristics.

The measurement of these pendants is approx.: 25-29mm x 17mm

In Legend and Folklore, Rose Quartz is believed to be an amazing stone for the heart chakra. This stone is a great one to use in your practices. It is the number one stone with energies for the heart chakra. Many people like to keep rose quartz by their bed side. This one is beautiful as it is shaped as an angel. Made in Brazil, the stone capital of the world.

Wonderful power stone for chakra, meditation, divination, crystal grids, rock lovers, home dթcor, to give as a unique gift, feng shui, or to use in your crafting projects!


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