Trolleite Palm Stones in hand for size reference
multiple Trolleite Palm Stones displayed to show the differences in the sizes and color shades
side view to show the thickness
side view to show the thickness
Trolleite Palm Stone - Worry Stone next to a ruler for size reference
Trolleite Palm Stone - Worry Stone - Soap Shape

Trolleite Palm Stone - Worry Stone - Soap Shape

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This listing is for ONE (1) Trolleite Palm Stone - Soap Shape (OF1-S36-B6)

STOCK PHOTOS - These stones will range in characteristics due to them being natural.

Sizes on these will range.  Some stones may be thinner or thicker, longer or shorter, etc.. Please see hand photos for more size referencing. Colors range from light gray, dark greys, light blues to teal blues.

Size Ranges Measures Approx.: 2.75-3.5" x 1.875-2.375" x .625-.75"

These are perfect for your meditation, crafts, decor, wire wrapping, or even gifting!

Trolleite also spelled Troilite originally was found in Sweden in 1868 but recently has been unearthed in Brazil, where these are from. Trolleite contains Quartz, Lazulite & Scorzalite. It is a calming stone, helping with emotional balance, clearing past pain and anger, and allowing you to focus on the now. It is associated with the heart chakra and is a must-have for your spiritual healing journey. The first time I ran into this stone in Brazil, it did not have a name and not much was know about the mineral. My husband told me not to buy any, as we did not know what it was. However, after holding a piece in my hand and feeling its energy I knew it must come home with me. This is one you have to experience for yourself. Wearing pendants close to your heart is a great way to work with the crystal's energy.

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