Handholding up 2 Rough Stones with others blurred in the background
box of Rough Stones with more surrounding it
Box of Rough Stones with descriptions for each stone
Up close shot of box of Rough Stones with meanings of each stone
Up close shot of box of Rough Stones with meanings of each stone
Rough stones on white background
Rough stones in circular formation with other stones surrounding it
Hand holding up 2 rough stones with the others blurred in the background
Box of rough stones

Rough Stone 20 Piece Box - Amazing Rough Stone Box (BOX-58)


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Embark on a journey through the rich, vibrant world of gemstones with our Rough Stone 20 Piece Box. Each box, a curated selection of 20 distinct rough stones, offers a palette of energies, colors, and textures that are as varied as they are powerful. From the protective obsidian to the tranquil amethyst, every stone invites you to explore a different aspect of your spiritual and creative self.

In Your Treasure Box:

  • Diopside: Heartfelt energy and healing
  • Zebra Jasper: Balance and connection
  • Optical Quartz: Amplification and clarity
  • Black Obsidian: Protection and grounding
  • Amazonite: Harmony and communication
  • White Aragonite: Spiritual growth and grounding
  • Magnesite: Deep peace and visualization
  • Amethyst: Tranquility and spiritual awareness
  • Tiger's Eye: Courage and personal power
  • Tourmaline: Protection and grounding
  • Lepidolite: Emotional healing and stress relief
  • Rose Quartz: Unconditional love and forgiveness
  • Coffee Obsidian: Grounding and protection
  • Fuchsite: Heart chakra and holistic health
  • Sodalitic Blue Quartz: Emotional balance and inner peace
  • Smokey Quartz: Grounding and detoxification
  • Orange Calcite: Creativity and emotional balance
  • Emerald: Love, compassion, and abundance
  • Crystal Quartz: Master healer and energy amplifier


  • Each stone approximately: 50-58mm x 40-49mm

Note: As these stones are all natural, each piece will hold its own unique characteristics.

Whether you’re a seasoned collector, a budding crystal enthusiast, or seeking a thoughtful gift, this box of rough stones provides not only great value but a wonderful assortment of raw, natural beauty and energetic potential.

Ideal for jewelry making, crafting, collection, or metaphysical use, each stone in this box opens a door to new possibilities and energies.