2 Citrine Cluster Flat Boxes
Citrine Cluster Flat Boxes showing varying shades of the citrine clusters
Citrine Cluster Flat Box up close showing all the shades of gold
3 pieces Citrine Clusters in different shades
1 Citrine Cluster next to a quarter for size reference

Raw Citrine Crystal Cluster Flat Box


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Dive into a treasure trove of sparkling Citrine Crystal Clusters with our curated box selection. Each box is thoughtfully assembled, ensuring you receive a diverse range of these radiant gemstones, also known as Golden Amethyst. Whether you're looking to enhance your crystal collection, create a captivating display, or embark on a spiritual journey, these Citrine Clusters are your perfect companions.

Why Our Citrine Cluster Box is a Must-Have:

  • Golden Elegance: Each Citrine Cluster, a heat-treated Amethyst, shimmers with a golden hue, adding a touch of luxury to any setting.
  • Natural Formations: Embrace the beauty of nature with these naturally formed Citrine Clusters, each with its unique shape and size.
  • Generous Assortment: With an average of 8-16 pieces per box, you'll have ample clusters to explore and enjoy.


  • Cluster Dimensions: Approximately 43-58mm in length and 27-40mm in width.
  • Box Contents: Each box contains a varying assortment of 8-16 Citrine Clusters.

Note: Celebrate the individual charm of each cluster, as natural variations add to their unique allure.