Rainbow Fluorite Octahedron Cubes in hand for size reference
Rainbow Fluorite Octahedron Cubes in hand for size reference
fluorite displayed as home decor
comes in one pound bags
side view to show the thickness
Rainbow Fluorite Octahedron Cubes next to a quarter for size reference
fluorite comes in different shades of colors and sizes
Rainbow Fluorite Octahedron Cubes 1 pound bag (RS-10)

Rainbow Fluorite Octahedron Cubes 1 pound bag (RS-10)


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This listing is for ONE (1) 1 pound bag of Rainbow Fluorite Octahedron Cubes (RS-10)

STOCK PHOTO. Each cube will vary slightly in size, characteristics and color

1 - one pound bag is shown in photos

It has a gorgeous ethereal quality when held up to the light.

The sizes of stone in the bag ranges from approx.: 15-30mm - 14x25mm

This is a great display piece.
Or get creative use for wire-wraping it and wear them as a pendant.

Use this for your jewelry, chakra rituals, reiki, crystal grids, feng shui, or just for home décor!

Fluorite is the most colorful mineral in the world! Fluorite forms in a wide variety of hues. Known as the “GENIUS STONE”, Fluorite represents the highest state of mental achievement. It boosts aptitude & discernment, as well as helping the absorption of new information and working through complex issues. < Green ~ Heart Chakra > < Purple ~ Third Eye Chakra >

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