carnelian bowl displayed as home decor
back view of the carnelian bowl
bowl displayed as home decor
light carnelian bowl in hand for size reference

Polished Carnelian Decorative Bowl OOAK - (UOOAK-S3-10)


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This listing is for one (1) Carnelian Decorative Bowl - Polished - OOAK - (UOOAK-S3-10)

*This item is a ONE OF A KIND item and you will get the exact item pictured above.

Measurements Approximately: 5.45"L x 3.9"W x 2.2"H

This finely polished carnelian décor bowl is a perfect gift this holiday season. This bowl features a fine polish and cut base that lets the owner display it on any flat surface. This bowl makes as a great charging bowl for most crystals to help power them with more motivation and cleansing them of negativity. This bowl can also be used to store your jewelry or other small stones. This stone looks best in a natural light with it being able to reflect the light sun rays and show off the magnificent dark brownish red and creamy yellow colors in this piece. Hold this bowl up to the light to see the light shine straight through the bowl!

*Carnelian is Glassy and translucent with warm, fiery colors of brown, orange, and red. Known as “MOTIVATION STONE”, giving endurance, leadership, and courage. Carnelians have protected & inspired throughout history, replacing negativity with love and life!

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