Peach Moonstone Round Bead Bracelets - 7mm - in hand for size reference
multiple bracelets displayed to show the differences in the color shades
bracelets next to a ruler for size reference
side view to show the thickness
Peach Moonstone Round Bead Bracelets - 7mm -

Peach Moonstone Round Bead Bracelets - 7mm -


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Listing is for ONE (1) Peach Moonstone Round Bead Bracelets - 7mm - (S169B26-01)

Beautiful shimmery bracelet to use as an accessory or for your meditation time! Makes a great gift!

Wearing crystals is one of the best ways to work with their Energy.

This bracelet will fit most wrists.


STOCKPHOTOS - These bracelets will vary in characteristics due to them being natural.

Measures Approx.: 7" around Beads are 7mm

Moonstone is Unique for its moon-like sheen, it is the “STONE OF NEW BEGINNINGS”. It is a Feldspar mineral with a soft, watery opaqueness and a silver and
white glow. Moonstone calms and encourages. Enhancing intuition, it helps inspire and brings good fortune in love & life. It is believed to promote love and harmonious relationships. Peach Moonstone may be used to deepen emotional connections, improve communication, and foster understanding in romantic partnerships. 

< Third Eye Chakra >  < Solar Plexus >

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