4 orthoceras point pendants on gray background
4 orthoceras point pendants  on gray background
up close shot of orthoceras point pendant on gray background
up close shot of orthoceras point pendant on gray background
orthoceras point pendant next to a quarter on gray background

Orthoceras Point Fossil Spike Pendant with Silver Plated Bail (RK36B28-08)


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Listing is for one Orthoceras fossil point pendant (RK36B28-08)

Amazing detailed pendants, perfectly polished with great detail. Get them while they last as we only have this batch. Will make a lovely necklace, keychain, car decoration, or even just for collecting. Each one has it's own unique detail. So beautiful I can stare at them for hours!

STOCK PHOTO. Each pendant will vary slightly in size and characteristics.

Measures approx.: 41-56mm x 13-14mm

Please refer to photo with quarter for sizing reference

Real Authentic Orthoceras dating back to the the Silurian Age 400 + million years ago.

Orthoceras are one of the first living creatures, ancestors to the modern day squid.

They ranged in size from a few inches to six feet!

As they died their shells accumulated on the ocean floor, were covered in sediment and fossilized.

Found in Morocco

Amazing pendant with a lot of interesting history! Sure to be a conversation piece!

Orthoceras is known to be the fossilized remains of an extinct marine animal that is around 400 million years old. Orthoceras is said to give confidence in the stone holder and helps uplift.

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