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Orange Orchid Calcite Flame Point - You Choose -


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Orange orchid calcite is a relatively new mineral discovery, first identified in 2018 in Mexico. The unique orange color of the calcite comes from the presence of iron and manganese in the crystal structure. The flower-like patterns in orange orchid calcite are formed by the growth of multiple crystal clusters that intersect each other at various angles.

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1. Measures approximately: 3.75" x 2.5" x 0.825" thick

2. Measures approximately: 3.125" x 2.75" x 0.825" thick

Orchid calcite helps you process feelings that have been stored in your consciousness for a long time. The gentle orange vibration of calcite helps you release stuck emotions with a gentle push. This is the perfect stone to install positive thought forms, or mental energy, in the emotional body immediately after an emotional release. Use this stone to increase your self-esteem. It is especially helpful when you are learning to set boundaries with others. This stone is good for self-nurturing.

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