Mosasaurus TOOTH FOSSIL Millions Of Years Old displayed on white background
multiple Mosasaurus teeth fossils showing different lengths and thicknesses
Mosasaurus Teeth fossils displayed to show various sizes and characteristics
side view of fossil tooth on white background
2 teeth fossils displayed next to quarter for size reference

Mosasaurus Water Dinosaur Tooth- AUTHENTIC Fossilized Mosasaurus Tooth Millions of years old (RK24B104)

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Yes, you read it right! For this low price you can own an authentic Mosasaurus tooth from Madagascar! These are amazing!
Use in your jewelry project, or just collect and awe at!

A little about the Mosasaurus
- They lived about 70-66 million years ago!
- The name mosaurus means "lizard of the Meuse River", this is where the first speciment was found
-It is a genus of the mosasaur, which is a carnivorous aquatic lizard resembling crocodiles with flippers
-Lived during the Createceous Period (Mesozoic Era)
-Lived in Western Euruope and North America
-They were as long as 59ft!

STOCK PHOTO. Each tooth will vary slightly in size and characteristics. We aim to please, so if you have a preference for large or small let us know. We can't promise as they are natural, but we do try! Leaving a note in the comments section at checkout is the best way to let us know what you prefer.

These are real unrestored mosasaurus teeth. You will get one tooth with this listing. Please keep in mind they are millions of years old, so they may not be perfect. We have a limited supply that we can offer at this amazing pricing! If you would like to purchase in quantity, message us for wholesale information.

How are we able to sell them at such great pricing? We have been in the fossil and stone business for years, and have amazing resources. When we come across a lot -we purchase in volume so we can pass the great savings on to you! These are priced super low for fossils that are millions of years old. Sure to sell out quickly, so get them while they last!

Will be packed extra carefully in a box to secure safe delivery to you!

Measures approx. 21-42mm x 15-20mm x 10-16mm, again they are real - - so they will vary and will not be exact, this is an approximation.

Great conversation piece, educational, great to display on your coffee table, desk, anywhere!

These amazing fossils show very well. Each with amazing detail!!!!

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