multiple pink calcite obelisk displaying the different possible sizes
close up of a pink calcite obelisk showing the pink and white detail stripes and size
pink calcite obelisk next to its weight in grams
two pink calcite obelisk next to each other showing the size difference
multiple pink calcite obelisk showing the different sizes and possible patterns
close up of pink calcite obelisk in hand

Mangano Calcite Obelisk - Pink Tower By Weight


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This listing is for one (1) Mangano Calcite Obelisk - Pink Tower By Weight - (OF1-S17)

Pretty Pink Mangano Calcite Obelisks that come polished to a smooth finish. These obelisk come in baby pink and some come white line formations. Perfect for displaying in your home, office or sacred space! Add one of these to your personal collection or gift one to someone special you may know.

These are UV Reactive due to the Manganese content and glow a bright orange-pink color under UV light. 

Size Options:

  • 100g - 200g 
  • 200g - 300g
  • 400g - 500g
  • 500g - 600g

*STOCK PHOTO. Items may vary in size, color, and weight.

*Calcite is the stone of “EMOTIONAL HEALING”, It helps to relieve emotional fears, and stress which brings balance and inner peace to our physical, mental, and emotional being. It clears negativity in the environment and aids in purifying our surroundings.

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