labradorite semi polished stone in hand for size reference
side view of the stones to see the thickness
multiple stones displayed to show the differences in the sizes and color shades
some stones are upside down to show the front and back side of the stone
labradorite stones next to a ruler for size reference
multiple stones set up to show the differences

Labradorite Seer Stones


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This Listing is for (one) 1 - Labradorite Labradorite Seer Stones  - (UOOAK-S6-07-A)

Beautiful Labradorite Seer stones that are slightly rounded and have a smooth flat polished face allowing the natural labradorite flashes to shine through! These are perfect for your home decor, table top decor or alter decor! Make one yours while you can!

Natural seer stone. They are natural stones that are tumbled by the river. They have an amazing window look to them. Great energy in these seer stones.

STOCK PHOTO. Each stone will vary slightly in size, color and characteristics.

Measures approx.: 20mm x 37mm

***Labradorite is considered by many to be a “STONE OF MAGIC”. With its amazing iridescence and color variations, it is said to balance, clear, and protect the aura, as
well as being a wonderful stone to help raise one's consciousness. It is one of the top protector stones.

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< Crown Chakra >

Information provided is folklore and not intended as medical advice or a promise of any outcome.

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