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How to Manifest by Laura Chung (BK-136)


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Make your dreams a reality in 40 days!

Co-create your reality with the Universe 

Manifestation is a powerful technique for bringing your deepest desires into the realm of the physical. By understanding yourself more deeply and aligning your energy with the Universe, you can make changes: kickstart your business, find love, or achieve a new level of self-understanding. You'll be amazed when your dreams that seemed out of reach are suddenly all around you.

Wellness educator Laura Chung's 40-day journey to manifesting includes practices for focusing your intentions and growing the power of your own will, such as the 369 method, scripting, shadow work, and rituals for calling in the power of your ancestors. She teaches how to create an abundance mindset through journaling, provides step-by-step instructions for making impactful vision boards, and shares prompt and daily lessons on Universal Laws, the chakra system, and other knowledge to help you manifest quickly and effectively. 


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