multiple hematite pendulum points placed next to one another to show size and design differences
two different sized hematite pendulum points places next to a quarter for size reference
multiple hematite pendulum points placed around each other to show size and design differences

Hematite Pendulum Point - (10Brownshelf-108-A)


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This listing is for ONE (1) Hematite Pendulum - (10Brownshelf-108-A)

STOCK PHOTO. These pendulums may vary slightly in size and characteristics due to them being natural. These do not have a chain and are for creating crafts, jewelry, crystal grids.  

The measurement of these pendulums is approx.: 20-41mm x 22-47mm

Each Pendulum is polished to a smooth finish. Many like to use stones with an apex to direct energy in their crystal grids or mediation practices. Great for chakra work, reiki, to make jewelry with, or just to add to your stone collection. Make one of these yours while you can!

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***Hematite is most commonly used to ground, stabilize and protect the spiritual, mental, and physical self. Known as a “STONE FOR THE MIND”, hematite is used to
promote organization, original thoughts, and logical thinking. This emotionally brings calm and higher self-esteem.

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