multi colored agate hearts in hand
multiple colored agate heart slices in rows
agate hearts on a table
black and blue agate hearts on a table
purple agate hearts on a table
close up of the pink heart agate slices
close up of the blue heart agate slices
close up of the black heart agate slices
close up of the teal heart agate slices
close up of the natural heart agate slices

Heart Shaped Agate Slices


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Discover the allure of our Heart Shaped Agate Slices, each piece a vibrant celebration of natural beauty. These polished, dyed agate hearts infuse your space with a touch of color and the harmonizing energy agate is revered for. Whether for your home, office, or a sacred corner, these slices are perfect for those seeking a blend of aesthetic charm and the grounding properties of stones.

Why You'll Love Them:

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Cut and polished into the shape of a heart, these agate slices come in an array of eye-catching colors, as well as a natural, undyed option.
  • Versatile Crystal Decor: Ideal for an array of decorative purposes, these slices can elevate the ambiance of any setting.
  • Symbolic Stone: Agate, often called the 'Good Luck Stone,' is believed to offer strength, protect, and harmonize the mind, body, and spirit.
  • Personalized Touch: Choose the gemstone color that resonates with you, from passionate pink to tranquil teal, or the untouched elegance of natural agate.

Please Note: Each heart is unique, with slight variations in size and characteristics due to the natural aspects of the stone. The vibrant colors are achieved through a careful dyeing process, except for the natural agate, which showcases the stone's inherent beauty.

Dimensions and Selection:

  • Size range: Approximately 56mm x 64mm x 4mm to 60mm x 70mm x 6mm
  • Color choices: Purple, Pink, Blue, Black, Teal, Natural

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