green onyx moon in a hand
green onyx moons in 2 rows of 3
green onyx moons on a table
3 green onyx moons on a table
green onyx moon next to a quarter
green onyx moon held in between 2 fingers
green onyx moon held in a hand

Green Onyx thick Moon


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This listing is for one (1) Green Onyx thick Moon - (OF1-S40-B9)

Polished to a smooth finish and have a thick cut to them. The colors and patterns on each of these pieces are each unique and beautiful. This would make a great gift for any crystal or mineral collector.

Measurements Approximately: 3.825"- 4.125"L x 2.75"- 3"W x 0.625"- 1"H

*STOCK PHOTO. Item may very in size, color, and weight.

*Green Onyx has layered bands of light-colored minerals. Many call slabs of onyx banded calcite. Light-colored Onyx reflects the color of purity, cleanliness and innocence. Light-colored Onyx is thought to stimulate the higher chakras and help enhance our dreams.

<crown chakra> <third eye chakra>

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