Gobi Desert Agate Mala Bead Necklace displayed on a wooden triangle, wrapped around and hanging down center.
Gobi Desert Agate Mala Bead Necklace displayed on a wooden triangle, wrapped around and hanging down center. Up close of a woman&
Gobi Desert Agate Mala Bead Necklace displayed on a white ceramic plate.
Gobi Desert Agate Mala Bead Necklace worn in lariat form, around woman&

Gobi Desert Agate Mala Bead Necklace


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Listing: ONE (1) Gobi Desert Agate Mala Bead Necklace (HE-S13-001).

Approx. Length: 23.0" 

Approx. Weight: 82g

This gorgeous, ONE OF A KIND Mala bead necklace is made of beautiful Gobi Desert Agates and is strung on a silver colored rope. You will receive the exact one as seen here in the photos.

108 beads go all along the actual length of the necklace and 10 beads are found at the center piece, totaling 118 desert agates! This necklace may be worn and utilized in many different ways: long necklace, wrap around twice for a layered, shorter necklace, double up and pull center through loop for a lariat style (as seen in photo), or even wrap around your wrist as a bracelet! 

There are several different types of Gobi Desert stones. These types in particular are known as "Candy" because of its bright and beautiful coloring! These stone beads have not been dyed, enhanced or artificially colored in any way.

* Alashan Gobi Desert Agate was formed from volcanic eruptions 100-150 million years ago. Through time, these stones have lived and moved within the Gobi Desert, enduring wind, sand, pressure, and extreme temperature changes. These factors contribute to the fascinating, wide variety of shapes and textures. these stones have absorbed the essence of all the elements of the earth. Each piece has unique characteristics and an individual story of its encounter and memory of Mother Earth.

Alashan have been worn for hundreds of years by the Mongolian and Uygur people as a protective and manifesting stone. These high vibrational stones make very effective meditation tools. they also contain trace elements and when worn regularly, have been said to be beneficial for ones health, especially in aiding blood circulation and calming the nerves. 

* Mala beads are used in spiritual and mindfulness practice. They've become more popular in the U.S. along with things like meditation and yoga. But they're more than just trendy necklaces or bracelets. They have a deep connection to mental grounding and opening your mind to spirituality.

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