carved gemstone goddesses in hand for size reference
multiple carved gemstone goddesses showing the differences in colors and sizes
close up of the rose quartz, fluorite, crystal quartz and amethyst earth goddess gemstones
side view of the earth goddesses displaying the differences in sizes and stone colors
close up of the details on the earth goddesses
close up of the details on the earth goddesses

Gemstone Earth Goddess Sculpture (Small)


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Elevate your space with our Hand-Carved Gemstone Earth Goddess Stand Meditation Stone.

Each Earth Goddess boasts:

  • Hand-Carved Gemstone: Making each piece unique in shape and size.
  • Earthy Boost: Perfect addition to your potted plants, home, office, or sacred space.
  • Stand-Up Design: Easily display wherever you feel the need for grounding energy.

Why You'll Adore It:

  • Unique: Each piece is hand-carved and one-of-a-kind.
  • Versatile: Perfect for personal collections, gifts, or adding positive energy to your space.
  • Selection: Choose the stone that resonates most with you or a loved one.

Dimensions: Range from approx. 18mm x 67mm - 25mm x 79mm

Choose Your Stone:

  • Rose Quartz: The Love Stone
  • Crystal Quartz: The Power Stone
  • Amethyst: The Sobriety Stone
  • Fluorite: The Genius Stone

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