gemstone butterfly in hand for size reference
butterfly goddess carved stones in hand for size reference
butterfly goddess carved stones displayed to show carved details
butterfly goddess carved stones displayed at different angles
side view of the butterfly goddesses with the stone name above. available in black obsidian, crystal quartz and amethyst stone
butterfly goddess carved stones next to a quarter for size reference
butterfly goddess carved stone displayed at different angles
side/ back view of the butterfly goddess carved stones
close up of details carved in to the butterflies
gemstone butterfly goddess displayed as home decor

Carved Gemstone Butterfly Goddess


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Embrace the divine feminine and transformative power with our Gemstone Butterfly Goddess, meticulously hand-carved to elevate your space with its serene and mystical aura. Each piece, available in your choice of gemstone, is not merely a decor but a symbol of metamorphosis and gentle strength, seamlessly blending spiritual energy with aesthetic appeal.

Choose Your Spiritual Companion:

  • Crystal Quartz Butterfly Goddess: Known as a power stone, it enhances energy, intention, and clarity, harmonizing with all chakras.

  • Amethyst Butterfly Goddess: Celebrated as the sobriety stone, it promotes calmness, balance, and peacefulness, aligning with the Crown Chakra.

  • Black Obsidian Butterfly Goddess: A potent protection stone, it shields against negativity and fosters grounding, resonating with the Root Chakra.

Dimensions & Weight:

  • Approximate Measurements: 1.75" x 2.125" tall and 20mm thick
  • Weight: 50g

Note: As these are natural stones and hand-carved, each Butterfly Goddess will possess its unique variations in color, pattern, and size, ensuring that your chosen piece is genuinely one-of-a-kind.

Let this ethereal Butterfly Goddess infuse your space with its transformative and protective energies, serving as a daily reminder of your inner strength and potential for change. Ideal for home or garden decor, and a thoughtful gift for those embarking on new beginnings.

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