all 3 variations of sunstone faceted beads in hand (left small, middle medium, right large) with more sunstone beads in hand with a white background
all 3 variations of sunstone faceted beads ( top small, middle medium, bottom Large) on a white background
all 3 variations of sunstone faceted beads twisted together on a white background
all 3 variations ( top large, middle medium, bottom small)  of sunstone faceted beads on a white background next to a quarter

Sunstone Faceted Rondell Beads


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This listing is for one (1) Sunstone Faceted Rondell Beads

These bright yellow and orange faceted beads are made of sunstone on a dark orange string. With their unique natural coloring the faceted polish these beads have allow for these beads to glimmer in the light. These beads are great for crafters to use to make necklaces, bracelets, or any other jewelry you can set your mind to.

Size Options Approximately:

  • Small (5mm-6.9mm) (51 - 63 Beads Per Strand)
  • Medium (7mm-8.9mm) (39 - 45 Beads Per Strand)
  • Large (9mm-12mm) (31 - 39 Beads Per Strand)

Each strands of beads are roughly 7.25" - 9" length.

*STOCK PHOTOS. Items may very in size, color, and weight.

*Sunstone is a pretty peach-colored Feldspar that produces bright metallic flashes when light hits the tiny mineral inclusions. Known as a “JOYFUL STONE”, it restores the enjoyment of life, good nature, and the feeling of abundance. Sunstone warms the body.

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