six different pendulum pendants in hand for size reference
three amethyst, aventurine, black tourmaline, bloodstone, carnelian, and chevron amethyst pendulum pendants on whit background for possible variations
Crystal Pendulum with Silver Plated Bail and Chain
three labradorite, lapis lazuli, lepidolite, lolite, malachite, and moss agate pendulum pendants on white background for possible variations
three obsidian, opalite, peach moonstone, pyrite, red aventurine, and red jasper pendulum pendants on white background for possible variations
three red tiger&
three tiger&

Crystal Pendulum with Silver Plated Bail and Chain


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Experience the Mystical Power of Our Crystal Pendulum - A Fusion of Nature's Beauty and Spiritual Guidance

Dive deep into the world of divination and energy with our meticulously crafted pendulum crystal. Perfect for spiritual seekers, healers, and those attuned to the vibrations of the universe, our pendulum offers a harmonious blend of nature's artistry and spiritual tool. Whether you're a seasoned spiritualist or just beginning your journey into the world of crystals and divination, our pendulum is a must-have addition to your collection. 

Why Our Crystal Pendulum Stands Out:

  • Nature's Craftsmanship: Each pendulum is a unique gemstone, sculpted by Mother Nature. Celebrate its individuality, knowing no two pieces are the same.
  • Versatile Elegance: With a silver-plated bail and chain, this pendulum is not just a spiritual tool but also a piece of crystal decor, perfect for home decor or as a wearable accessory.
  • Healing Crystals: Harness the power of healing crystals. Each stone resonates with distinct energy, aiding in spiritual growth, healing, and balance.
  • Personalized Energy: With an extensive range of stones to choose from, select the one that resonates with your energy or the energy you wish to attract.


  • Pendulum: Approx. 30mm - 50mm
  • Chain: 7"
  • Weight: 0.010kg

Choose Your Stone: From the calming Amethyst to the grounding Black Tourmaline, and the illuminating Labradorite, we offer a diverse range of gemstones to cater to your spiritual and aesthetic needs. Whether you're seeking protection, clarity, or love, there's a stone here for you.

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