Copper Nugget Pendant shown at an angle
Copper Nugget Pendant in a hand for size reference
Copper Nugget Pendant on a white background
Copper Nugget Pendant shown from side for thickness

Copper Nugget Pendant - OOAK


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This Listing is for (one) Copper Nugget Freeform Pendants (RK37B24-04)

Unique and funky freeform shapes and beautiful swirling wrapping bail.

You will receive this exact one!

Measures Approx.: 2" x 1" x .25

Upper Michigan Copper Nugget - Many of The Copper Country's long abandoned mines still have poor rock piles that contain small amounts of copper. The copper is trapped in the rock and can be found using a metal detector. The piece is then tumbled to remove the hast rock, revealing the unique nugget shape.  Upper Michigan Copper is some of the Purest in the World. 

Many people believe in the healing properties of copper. Copper's health benefit is thought to be its ability to improve circulation and get oxygen pumping. Also known for reducing stiff joints, aches, and pains commonly associated with arthritis and rheumatism. It aids in clearing negative energies and rebalancing the chakras.

Natural copper is a super metal for energy channeling. It is considered to be the metal of the magic with its ability to ground and transfer a wide array of frequencies. It acts as a conduit to assist manifestation of intention. An excellent addition to healing grids, energy work, spells, and crystal healing, When held or worn on the body, it helps with the recovery of addictions and illness. Copper is a natural amplifier of energy.
Copper shows us balance and respect for ourselves, the Earth, and all on it. Assists us with wisdom and perspective with  emotional experiences. 

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