Copper Ore Slab  - one in a hand
Copper Ore Slab  - several placed on a table
Copper Ore Slab  - 5 on a table with the weight
Copper Ore Slab  - side view
Copper Ore Slab  - 50-100g in a hand
Copper Ore Slab  - 300-400g being held in a hand
Copper Ore Slab  - 200-300g in a hand
Copper Ore Slab  - 100-200g in a hand

Copper Ore Slab - BY WEIGHT - (RK25)


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This listing is for ONE (1) Copper Ore Slab - BY WEIGHT - (RK25)

STOCK PHOTO - These slabs will vary in size and characteristics due to them being natural.

Measurements will range as sizing gets higher. Some crystals will be wider, longer, thicker, or thinner than others.

These are about 7mm-10mm thick.

You Choose the Weight! Weights Available: 

  • 50-100g
  • 100-200g
  • 200-300g
  • 300-400g
  • 400-500g

These Copper Ore Slabs vary in colors from dark, light gray to light greens and have  copper deposit veins within the slab. Beautiful display piece to have in your home, office or sacred space!

Make one of these unique slabs yours while you can! 

***Copper is a healer of not only one’s physical, but auric body as well. This healing element is used as a conductor within crystal grids, orgone pyramids, and your own personal magic. Copper enhances our entire emotional field and properly grounds the higher vibrations around us into a physical realm. It is capable of helping us manifest our truest desires, while bringing about universal knowledge. 

Information provided is folklore and not intended as medical advice or a promise of any outcome.

We have your best interest at heart.
We hope that each user has a positive experience with our products.***

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