Columbian Lemurian Point Crystal in hand for size reference
necklace displayed to show how it hangs
Columbian Lemurian Point Crystal Necklace - you select your favorite one
close up of the necklace clasp
side view to show the thickness
necklaces next to a ruler for size reference
pendants next to a ruler for size reference
Columbian Lemurian Point Crystal Necklace - You Choose -

Columbian Lemurian Point Crystal Necklace - You Choose -


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This listing is for One (1)  Lemurian Point Crystal Necklace - You Choose -  (HE-SMOF-65)

Beautiful necklaces made with Lemurian crystals from Colombia. Each one comes with a gold fill necklace that is adjustable. Add one to your personal collection or gift one to someone special you know!

Natural points are stunning in both their unique features of having striated lines running along them and texture. 

These are One of a Kind necklaces! You will receive the exact one as pictured. 

Necklaces measure approx.: 22" long and are adjustable in size. 

You Select your favorite one! 

  • A - Measures Approx.: 2.5" x .625" 
  • B - Measures Approx.: 2.125" x .75"
  • C - Measures Approx.: 2.25" x .625"
  • D - Measures Approx.: 2.25" x .5"

Lemurian Quartz is a "WISDOM STONE" The Lemurian Quartz possesses a classic and rugged shape that has striated lines, which runs horizontally across the crystal’s sides, hence giving it a somewhat prismatic form. Lemurian is a group of people who worked closely with the crystal and its energy up until the disaster hit the Lemurian tribe and worn out the Lemurian people from the earth’s face. 

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