Charoite Slab Beads- on hand showing size and details.
Charoite Slab Beads-dark and light colors with inclusions on flat surface.
Charoite Slab Beads- close view of multiple tones and shapes.
Charoite Slab Beads- close view of shapes and thickness.
Charoite Slab Beads- compared with a quarter for size reference.

Charoite Slab Beads -Polished Charoite - 1 STRAND - (CHN-BD-14)


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This listing is for (ONE) strand of - Charoite Slab Beads -Polished Charoite - 1 STRAND - (CHN-BD-14)

STOCK PHOTO. Each strand will vary slightly in size and characteristics.

Beads Measure Approx.: 22mm x 37mm - 38mm x 47mm and 6-8mm thick

Strand measures approx. 15" long and holds approx. 9 beads. Some strands may have more or less beads than others.

These Charoite stone beads are cut flat on the top and the bottom and polished all round for a smooth finish. They come in a variety of shapes, textures,  and color combinations. Making them perfect for your crafting projects!

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***Charoite is a beautiful stone only found in Eastern Siberia, Russia. The name comes from the name of the river Chara, where the stone is found. Charoite's name also sounds like a Russian word "chary" which means "magic" or "enchantment." This stone gets it's energy from the land that introduced us to Shamanism. Charoite aids in cleaning the house or office from negativity, protects during Shamanic journeys and connects your Heart Chakra to your Crown Chakra. Use it when you need endurance, strength and to enhance magic in your life. 

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<Crown Chakra>

Information provided is folklore and not intended as medical advice or a promise of any outcome.

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We hope that each user has a positive experience with our products.***

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