Chakra and Selenite Charging Set--top shot view of stones on wood with symbols.
Chakra and Selenite Charging Set--close side shot view of stones on wood with symbols.
Chakra and Selenite Charging Set--front shot of wood showing symbols.
Chakra and Selenite Charging Set--front shot view of stones showing size comparison and detail on hand.
Chakra and Selenite Charging Set--stone in hand showing detail and size comparison with hand.
Chakra and Selenite Charging Set--stones and wood with symbols in plastic case with it&

Chakra and Selenite Crystal Charging Set (RK30-35)


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Listing is for ONE (1) Chakra and Selenite Tray Wooden Plate - Set (RK16-55)

Chakra and Selenite Crystal Charging Set

STOCK PHOTOS - These plates may vary in size and characteristics.

Measures approx.: 10" x 5" comes in a clear pillow box as shown.

This Plate comes with a set of chakra stones and a 20cm selenite rod.

Selenite rods may vary in size and characteristics due to them being natural stones.

These trays can be used as a grid and as decor for your meditation space.

Use this set for a full chakra cleanse or use each stone separately when you feel like a certain chakra needs extra attention. Simply pick up a stone and center your attention on the part of your body where chakra is located. Imagine breathing into that space the color this chakra corresponds to and fill it up with the energy until you feel complete.

Don’t forget to cleanse these stones with selenite after each use!

The Root Chakra is associated with survival, security, safety, sexuality, basic needs and instincts. Use black onyx for grounding, feeling connected to your physical body and to Mother Earth.

The Sacral Chakra is associated with pleasure, creativity, emotions, relationships and expressing sexual desire. Balance Swadhisthana with carnelian and allow yourself to enjoy the life to the fullest and be grateful for everything that you have.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is associated with will power, assertiveness, confidence and personal identity. Balance Manipura with citrine, which will allows you to take responsibility for your life and decisions, and acknowledge your place on Earth and your purpose in life.

The Heart Chakra is associated with love, acceptance, relationships, compassion and forgiveness. Use rose quartz to balance Anahata so that you can fully accept yourself and the world around you, which allows you to connect and exchange the energy with every single living organism on Earth.

The Throat Chakra is associated with truth, creativity, communication, expressing opinions and vocation. Use sodalite to tune your Vishuddha so that you can communicate and listen respectfully, protect yourself with your word and speak the truth.

The Third Eye Chakra is associated with intuition, psychic abilities, inspiration and access to mystical states. When Ajna is properly balanced with amethyst, it gives you an opportunity to feel, see and perceive this world differently and to connect to the spirit realm.

The Crown Chakra is associated with pure consciousness, higher power, cosmic energy, oneness with the Universe and God’s energy. Use crystal quartz to balance this chakra and reach spiritual enlightenment, wisdom and liberation from limiting patterns.

These are perfect for your home or office decor, keeping in your meditation space, or even gifting to someone!

Grab yours while you can, sure to go quick.

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