7 bull shark teeth in hand above a black ground
layout of a lot of bullshark teeth on a black marble background
side view and close up of bull shark teeth from an angle with a black background
other side of close up of bull shark teeth with a marble black background
a single bullshark tooth next to a quarter with a marble black background

Bull Shark Lower Jaw Tooth (RK36B29-09)


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This listing is for one (1) Bull Shark Lower Jaw Tooth - (RK36B29-09)

*STOCK PHOTO. Item may very in size, color, and weight.

*These teeth are VERY sharp. Please use caution when working with them.

Measurements Approximately: 14mm - 20mm L x 3mm - 8mm W x 10mm - 20mm H

These petite bull shark teeth are a great display or jewelry setting. With the small size you or a crafter could wire wrap these to make a necklace or earrings. These teeth are serrated and are very shark both on the sides and the point. Buy these in bulk to save more!

The Bull Shark also known as Carchazinus Leucas is one of the most powerful sharks in the world. With up to 50 rows of teeth these sharks can lose a tooth and regrow it same day. With one of the strongest biting forces (5.9k newtons) in the world these sharks are known to be one of the biggest sharks found in the world measuring up to 12 feet long. They are known to be both salt and fresh water sharks sometimes caught swimming upstream a river to hunt. These sharks are most commonly found off the coast of Australia.

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