multiple bismuth crystals showing different sizes and colors
multiple bismuth crystals showing different sizes and colors
close up of a bismuth crystal showing the texture and rainbow colors
bismuth crystal next to a quarter showing the size

Bismuth Crystal


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Listing is for ONE (1) Bismuth Crystal - (HE-TBL1-05)

Beautiful Bismuth crystal formations. They have great color combinations and patters. Add one of these to your personal collection or gift one to someone special. Perfect for displaying in your home or sacred space. Make one of these yours while you can!

STOCK PHOTO. Each crystal will vary slightly in size and characteristics.

Check Picture with quarter for measurement.

Approximate sizing is from 19-27mm x 14-17mm

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***Bismuth is believed to be an element that stimulates energy, vitality and can help you achieve your goals, especially when working as part of a team. It may be used to support transformation by aiding travel between the physical plane and realms of astral and spirit. It is also thought to help with visualization while shamanic journeying. Lastly, it is believed to aid in relieving feelings of overwhelm, isolation and loneliness.

Information provided is folklore and not intended as medical advice or a promise of any outcome.

We have your best interest at heart.
We hope that each user has a positive experience with our products.***

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