Baltic Amber Beaded Necklace pictured worn by a woman.
Up close view of Baltic Amber Beaded Necklaces all next to each other.
Up close view of Baltic Amber Beaded Necklace, twirled up in layers on a mirrored surface.
Up close view of Baltic Amber Beaded Necklaces, lined up next to each other.
Three Baltic Amber Beaded Necklaces hanging over a woman&
Baltic Amber Beaded Necklaces laid out on a tile surface with their letters A, B and C next to respective necklace.
Up close view of closed bead closure on Baltic Amber Beaded Necklace, in palm of woman&
Up close view of opened bead closure on Baltic Amber Beaded Necklace.

Baltic Amber Beaded Necklace - You Choose


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Listing: ONE (1) Baltic Amber Beaded Necklace - You Choose (HE-S13-004) (A,B,C).

Each necklace contains oval cut beads of Amber, in light shades with darker, spherical amber beads in between each oval bead. Very eye catching! Includes a special bead screw closure. 

Necklace Options:

  • A. 24" long
  • B. 24" long
  • C. 24" long

Oval Beads Measure Approx.: 15mm x 5mm 

* Baltic Amber is organic material from about 44 million years ago, formed when the earth's atmosphere was too warm causing trees to exude large quantities of resin. With time, the tree resin oxidized into a solid state. Amber is believed to align body, mind and spirit to stimulate the body's natural healing abilities. It possesses warm, cheerful and protective energy. 

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