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Auras by Joylina Goodings

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In Focus - Auras - Your Personal Guide - 

Includes an 18 x 24-inch Wall Chart

Everything in the universe -- people, plants, planets, truly everything -- is made up of energy, and this energetic field extends well beyond the physical body. This is the aura. We are all able to detect this radiating energy, even if we don't realize it. When you walk into a room and just know there's tension even though no one is saying anything, you're picking up the auras of others.

This guide will teach you how to develop that innate sense. You will also learn about the many layers of the aura, how to protect and invigorate your own aura, and how to heal your own aura as well as the aura of others using color therapy, crystals, oils, sounds, and your own healing energy. 

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