multiple Amethyst and Citrine (heat treated amethyst) Cluster Geode Cut Bases displayed to show various formations and color hues
Cut bases have center hole at the bottom of the base to stash money, jewelry, or anything else that fits
up close of amethyst cut base showing natural formation
hole displayed with items inside to show how to use items not included
multiple natural formations on each cut base
cut base displayed in hand for size reference

Amethyst and Citrine Cluster Geode Cut Base - Secret Money Holder (RK2)


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This listing is for ONE (1) Crystal Cut Base - YOU CHOOSE Amethyst and Citrine Cluster Geode - Secret Money Holder - Hidden Intention Space ( RK2)

Amazing amethyst  and citrine crystal cluster stone that stands over a hidden space that is great to store your money, small crystals, jewelry or secret intentions.

Perfect for your Home or special place. Makes an awesome gift too!

STOCK PHOTO. Each Cluster of Amethyst or Citrine will vary slightly in size and in characteristics. Please check pictures for further reference. 

Approx. Weight: 4-11 lbs
Measurements vary -  Approx: 5-7" in height, 4"-6" wide and 3-5" in depth
The hole is approx.: 1.25" diameter and approx. 4" deep