Assorted minerals in a woman&
Assorted minerals in a brown box.
2 boxes of assorted minerals to show the variation.  Each box has a different variation of minerals.
assorted minerals on a gray background and one held in a woman&
Assorted minerals next to a ruler showing they are about 1.75 inches wide.
assorted minerals in a brown box with 4 held in a woman&
assorted minerals in a woman&

1 FLAT BOX of Natural Crystal Minerals - Mixed Minerals - Crystal Collection Set -


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This listing is for (one) 1 FLAT BOX of Natural Crystal Minerals - Mixed Minerals - Crystal Collection Set - (RK30-21)

A huge assortment of stones mixed in each box! Absolutely gorgeous stones!

STOCK PHOTOS! Each box will contain a different set style. The Box weighs about 4 - 4.5 pounds and has approx.: 36 - 38 pieces. Cluster sizes and other characteristics may vary slightly because they are made from natural stones. Some will be longer and thicker than others. 

The stones include but are not limited to: Crystal Quartz, Cerussite Baryte,   Amethyst, Tigers eye, Azurite, Malachite, Vanadinite, Surizite Quartz, Hematite Quartz, Fluorite, Cobalto Calcite, Pyrite, Peacock Ore, Septarian Nodule.

These crystal collectors boxes can possibly include other crystals not mentioned here. While some boxes can possibly not include one of the crystals mentioned above.