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Agate Slice - Teal Pendant Size #00 (AGBS)



Product Details

Listing is for ONE (1) teal agate slice (AGBS)

BUY IN BULK AND SAVE! Buy bulk sets and SAVE ! We can provide these in large volume as we have our own manufacturing facilities in Brazil! All items ship from our warehouse in California, USA making it easy for you!

If you need large quantity, message us for wholesale pricing.

STOCK PHOTO. Each agate slice will vary slightly in size and characteristics.

Beautiful teal and green hues on these agates.

Please refer to the photo for sizing, they are about 1'60'' x 1'10'' to 3'x 1'40''

Each Slice has an average of 0.02 lbs

Let us know if you prefer a larger or smaller stone. We can't promise but always try to fill as requested pending stock.

Great for jewelry making.

According to Legend and Folklore only:
Agates have long been associated with good luck, balance, and confidence. They also can symbolize prosperity and protection, as well as patience and inner calm. Agate enhances creativity and strengthens the intellect, making it a beneficial stone for both students and artists. As a stone of harmony, one of the things agate does is balance yin/yang energy.

Although these agates have been dyed, it's original chemical composition and the crystal structure are the same, we only added some visual colors that also can bring different energies. Green is associated with nature, environment, healthy, good luck and renewal.

To give you an idea of size uses

000 --- pendants, earrings

00 -- pendants, earrings, wind chimes

0 - pendants, wind chimes, small place cards, knobs

1 - place cards, larger pendants, wind chimes, knobs

2- place cards, small coasters, large pendants

3- large place cards, coasters, framing

4 - coasters, large place cards, framing

5- large coasters, framing, display

If you need larger agate orders, call or email


We have our own cutters in Brazil, so if an item is out of stock, just message us for fast and reliable production! We can produce any amount or style for you!

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