multiple gemstone keys lined up next to each other to show the differences in the stones
key in hand for size reference
close up of the carving details in the gemstone keys
gemstone keys next to a quarter for size reference
side view of the gemstone keys showing the thickness
multiple green quartz, hematoid quartz and blue quartz keys showing the differences in the gems
multiple rose quartz, crystal quartz and amethyst key gems showing the differences
multiple smokey quartz, amazonite and sodalite gemstone keys showing the differences
multiple golden healer, green and white quartz, and rhyolite gemstone keys showing the differences in the gemstones

Crystal Gemstone Key Cabochons


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Listing is for ONE (1) Crystal Key Gemstone - (LWS-S3)

Multiple Crystal Stones that are cut, shaped, and polished into the keys you see pictured! Cute little gemstone keys that can be added to your personal collection, gifted to a friend or used for your next crafting project! These keys were carved one by one, making each one special and unique.

STOCK PHOTO. These keys will vary in size and characteristics due to the stones being natural.

Measurements range from approx.: 26mm x 46mm and 7mm thick - 25mm x 52mm and 10mm thick

weighs approx.: 15g

You can choose your desired stone by using the option menu.


Green Quartz - Soothes the Heart
Hematoid Quartz - Focus and concentration 
Blue Quartz - Soothing and calming stone 
Rose Quartz - Love Stone
Crystal Quartz - Power Stone
Amethyst - For Mental Clarity 
Smokey Quartz - Stone of Serenity
Amazonite - Stone of Courage
Sodalite - Stone of Logic
Golden Healer - Multi-level Healer
Green And White Quartz - Creativity and Intuition 
Rhyolite - Confidence Stone

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