Citrine Crystal - Healing Properties, Meaning and Uses

Quick Info 

Uses: Known for promoting confidence and used for manifesting prosperity 

Chakra: Associated with Solar Plexus chakra 

Origin: Brazil, Argentina, and Madagascar 

Color: Yellow, orange and brown 

Birthstone month: November



Citrine crystal (AKA "Golden Amethyst") is a powerful tool for building confidence, overcoming challenges and building mental toughness. It’s also commonly used for manifestation making it a stone which quite literally makes your dreams come true. Make no mistake, the gemstone amplifies intentions, so you’ll need to incorporate rituals, meditations, grids or other practices to harness the gemstone’s properties. In business, citrine is often gifted to business partners, employers and colleagues earning the crystal the unofficial title of” The Merchant’s Stone”. Its stimulating energy helps jolt the body, mind and spirit into a more vitalized state.


What is Citrine?

Citrine crystal is a form of quartz, similar to amethyst. In fact, much of the citrine we see today is heat treated amethyst crystal. Contrary to what many claim, citrine’s powerful energetic properties are left unscathed by the transformation. In some cases, lighter forms of citrine might be heated in order to bring out a darker shade of yellow. The largest citrine deposits are located in Brazil, Argentina, and Madagascar. Amethyst and citrine deposits are often found together as portions of the amethyst veins can have been transformed into citrine through geothermal heat. The stone’s vibrant color makes it a breathtaking centerpiece for some of the world's most precious jewels.


Citrine Crystal Meaning and Properties - How Citrine Can Help.

You’ve been struggling with low self esteem

One of citrine’s most prized properties is its ability to build or often simply bring forth confidence. Through meditation, rituals and clear intentions citrine is able to manifest powerful positive energy within us, often lying dormant waiting for us to tap into it. For these qualities, citrine is an excellent tool for self care and growth. Citrine stone has been used for overcoming insecurities while putting perceived shortcomings into perspective. It’s natural light and abundant energy lifts the spirits in ways few other crystals can.

You’re in a emotional rut and have a lack of clarity

While the eb and flow of our emotions is a natural aspect of our lives, sometimes we can become stuck in a place where we feel lost, tired and without a sense of direction. By using citrine to channel our chaotic energy into a more constructive form, we can lift the haze that holds us down like sunshine beaming onto fog. Citrine provides clarity and purpose and can thrust us from lethargic and lazy routine into much healthier habits and states of mind. While the stone’s energizing energy is potent, it needs to be channelled through intention. The practices discussed below provided several concrete ways to do this. 

You’re preparing for a new pursuit

Whether it be a new business, a budding family or exciting home project, we can sometimes become paralyzed when faced with large and novel challenges. An overload of pressure and uncertainty can become too heavy a weight to manage all at once. As a result, we shrink and can avoid tackling the situation with full force and with our chins up as we should. Citrine crystal can give that extra boost of optimism and a kick in the butt that gets the wheels moving. As no doubt we’ve all experienced, the first steps of the journey are often the hardest. Meditating with citrine will help with this step and ensure you keep your eyes on the prize.


Practical Tips on How to Use Your Citrine Crystal (Rituals, Meditation & Home)

Ritual For Confidence

Choose a piece of raw citrine crystal you’d like to use for this ritual and cleanse it with a sacred herb of your choice. This will be important as you’ll be setting a concrete intention with this ritual.  

Take a piece of paper and write down three things that you’ve done in the past which have made you proud. Then write down three things in which you feel  you’ve let yourself or someone else down. For a few moments, reflect on the way remembering these points make you feel. Let all emotions including the good, bad and ugly pass through. 

Place it in the palm of your hands. Citrine is a transformative crystal, so you’ll be using it to both amplify your positive self thoughts and transform your negative emotions. Starting with the critical, reflect on those moments. What happened? What did you learn? What will you commit to doing differently in the future. Stay in this space, and then let it go. It’s past. Onwards and upwards. Do this for as many of the three points as you like.  

For the enlightenment stage of the ritual, thing of the changes you’ve committed yourself to previously. Imagine yourself becoming that person. Now, recall your successes. How did you overcome the challenges? Who did you make proud? How did you improve your or someone close’s life? Channel these thoughts into the citrine stone and it will amplify them. Set these emotions and experiences as your intention for the stone and it will only become more powerful over time as you program it. This ritual can be done as often as you feel the need for it. It can be done in a relatively short amount of time so it’s a fantastic pick me up when we’re feeling down.

Meditation for Energy

In a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed place a citrine stone in front of you or hold it in your hands. You can also lay  it on your solar plexus while you’re laying down. Take several deep breaths, close your eyes, and visualize the light and energy emanating from the stone. It’s energy is abundant and in many cases, fierce. Picture it slowly moving from your hands, to your arms and then to your shoulders. Once it reaches your torso, it floods through your chest, unblocking your solar plexus chakra. This will bring a sense of vitality and warmth which sinks deep into your body. Let it envelop your entire being. Take several deep breaths while paying attention to the brightness that the citrine crystal has brought. Open your eyes.

A Placement for Prosperity

A common placement for citrine is near the entryway of a place of business or work. A raw form of the stone would work best as it’s the most potent and far reaching. This way the radiating energy can find its way to everyone in that environment. After all, growing a business or completing significant projects are rarely a solitary ordeal. Another straightforward and popular placement is on your desk. As it’s helpful to handle the stone from time to time, we’d recommend either a palmstone or obelisk.


How to care for your citrine stone

Charging your citrine stone can be as simple as placing it on a selenite charging plate or leaving it out in the moonlight for several hours. You can also charge the stone by burying it for 24 hours. Make sure to use a cloth bag or other natural covering to ensure dirt does not get into the cracks and crevices of the crystal. 

Cleanse your stone using a sacred herb you like. As citrine is primarily used for drawing out negative energy and alleviating a chaotic headspace, the stone benefits from cleansing more than most other gems.


Our final thoughts

Citrine crystal is one of the most popular healing stones for a reason. Its potent energy and vitalizing properties are priceless and potentially life changing. While it may take some practice to tame the stone’s energy, it will quickly become a staple of your crystal collection. Use citrine’s light to usher in abundant energy, self confidence and a prosperous life. 



How is citrine formed?

Citrine is a type of quartz that forms in nature when amethyst or smoky quartz undergoes a transformation through prolonged exposure to high temperatures. This process occurs naturally within the earth’s crust, where heat and pressure conditions are ideal. Additionally, most citrine available on the market is created by heat-treating amethyst, which changes its color to the characteristic yellow to orange hues of citrine.

How does citrine work and how does it help?

Citrine is believed to work by energizing and recharging the body’s energy systems. Metaphysically, it is known as the "Merchant's Stone" for its reputed ability to attract wealth and prosperity. Citrine is also thought to dispel negative energy and emotional blockages, promoting joy, enthusiasm, and positivity. Its vibrational energy is said to help improve self-esteem and confidence, aiding in personal empowerment and creativity.

How is citrine used?

Citrine is commonly used in jewelry such as rings, pendants, and bracelets to harness its metaphysical properties and as an attractive gemstone. It is also placed in homes and workplaces to attract abundance and ward off negative energy. In meditation, citrine is used to amplify energy and cleanse the aura. Its presence in financial areas or cash registers is believed to increase wealth and business success.

What chakra is associated with citrine?

Citrine is primarily associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra, which is located just above the navel. This chakra is the center of personal power, confidence, and decision-making. By stimulating this chakra, citrine is thought to enhance self-esteem, willpower, and personal transformation. It is also linked to the Sacral Chakra, which governs creativity and manifestation.

Where does citrine come from?

Natural citrine is relatively rare and can be found in a few locations worldwide, including Brazil, Madagascar, Spain, Russia, France, and the United States. The most significant sources are in Brazil, particularly in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. Much of the citrine available in the market, however, is derived from heat-treated amethyst, which is abundant in these regions as well.

Which planet is associated with citrine?

Citrine is often associated with the planet Jupiter. In astrology, Jupiter is the planet of abundance, luck, and expansion. The connection to Jupiter underscores citrine’s reputation for attracting prosperity and enhancing personal growth. Wearing citrine or keeping it in your environment is thought to align you with the positive, expansive energies of Jupiter.

Which zodiac sign is associated with citrine?

Citrine is particularly associated with the zodiac signs of Gemini and Leo. For Gemini, citrine is said to help in enhancing communication, clarity, and intellectual abilities. For Leo, it supports confidence, creativity, and personal power. However, its properties can benefit anyone seeking to bring more positivity and energy into their lives.

Which finger should you wear citrine on?

To maximize its benefits, citrine is traditionally worn on the index finger of the right hand. This placement is believed to channel the stone’s energies most effectively, enhancing personal power and ambition. However, some also wear it on the ring finger, especially in rings designed for wealth attraction, due to its connection with the planet Jupiter.

Which hand should you wear citrine on?

Wearing citrine on the dominant hand, which is often the right hand, is recommended to help manifest its energies outwardly, such as attracting wealth and success. For those who are left-handed, wearing it on the left hand can be beneficial for internalizing its positive energies and fostering personal growth and confidence.

Who should wear citrine?

Anyone looking to attract positivity, success, and abundance into their life can benefit from wearing citrine. It is especially useful for individuals in business, sales, or creative professions due to its associations with prosperity and creativity. Additionally, those seeking to boost their self-esteem and personal empowerment may find citrine particularly supportive.

Can citrine go in water?

Citrine can generally be placed in water for short periods, but prolonged exposure should be avoided as it may lead to discoloration or damage over time. While it is safe for cleansing in water, it’s advisable to use other methods such as smudging or placing it in moonlight for longer-term maintenance.

Can citrine be in the sun?

Citrine can be exposed to sunlight, but it should be done sparingly. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause the color of the citrine to fade over time. It’s best to recharge citrine using indirect sunlight or other methods such as placing it on a windowsill during early morning or late afternoon hours.

Why is citrine yellow?

Citrine’s yellow to orange coloration is due to the presence of iron impurities within its crystalline structure. When amethyst or smoky quartz is heated, either naturally within the Earth or artificially, these iron impurities undergo a change that results in the yellow hues characteristic of citrine.

Why does citrine fade in sunlight?

Citrine can fade in sunlight due to the breakdown of color centers within the crystal caused by prolonged exposure to UV radiation. This photochemical reaction can alter the structure of the iron impurities responsible for citrine’s color, leading to a paler appearance over time. To preserve its vibrancy, citrine should be kept away from direct, prolonged sunlight.

Why is citrine heated?

Most citrine on the market is heat-treated amethyst or smoky quartz, enhancing its yellow to orange hues. This treatment makes citrine more accessible and affordable while preserving its energetic properties. Heat-treated citrine retains its ability to attract prosperity, joy, and positive energy, just like natural citrine.