septarian bowl with decorations in the background
septarian bowl with decorations in the background
septarian bowl with decorations in the background
septarian bowl next to a ruler for size reference

Utah Septarian Crystal Freeform Polished Bowl OOAK


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This listing is for Utah Septarian Crystal Freeform Polished Bowl YOU CHOOSE . (UOOAK-BRN8-06)

 Approximate size: 10" x 6.5" x 2"

Approximate weight: 2.46kg

 These bowls are so beautiful and unique! The septarian has been polished and carved on the top  to turn the large stones into gorgeous bowls. 

Septarian (also known as Septarian Nodule or Dragon Stone) is a type of sedimentary rock that is composed of a combination of minerals, including calcite, aragonite, and limestone. It is characterized by its distinctive yellow-brown color and unique pattern of angular cracks or fissures that divide the rock into small, angular fragments.

The name "septarian" comes from the Latin word "septum," which means "partition" or "dividing wall." These partitions or fissures are believed to have formed during the sedimentation process when mud balls or clay were deposited on the sea floor and then shrank and cracked as they dried out.


Septarian, also called Dragonstone, is a unique mix of rock, mineral and organic matter. It is often formed within and carved from layers of limestone sediment. Septarian is said to be a stone beneficial to overall health and well-being. It brings nurturing, calming energy and helps with communication. Septarian brings forth unconscious foreknowledge that is needed by the stone holder to help them always be prepared for what is is to come.  < Root Chakra >

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