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Clear Quartz Candle Holder - Amazing Quartz Candle Tea Light - (HW4)



Product Details

This listing is for 1 (ONE) Clerar Quartz Candle Holder. (HW4)

STOCK PHOTO. Each candle holder will vary slightly in size and characteristics.

Beautiful pieces of Clear Quartz, perfect and gourgeous candle holders!!!

Hand cut and polished in Brazil

We can wholesale any products in our shop, and all custom make items. Message us for details.

We also own and can make natural stone jewelry products!

Please see our drop down menu for bulk pricing.  If an item is out of stock, you can place a preorder, just send us a message to order.  We have large shipments coming in from our team of cutters in Brazil, and can fill larger orders quickly.  We are your reliable source in the USA.  Amazing stone products without high import fees!

Bulk pricing

1 piece 18.5

5 pieces 15.00

10 pieces 12.50

25 pieces only 9.00 each! Incredible Deal!

For larger orders please contact us for special pricing! 


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