Zeolite - Healing Properties, Meaning, and Uses

The Recalibration Mineral

Quick Info

: Detoxification, Purification, Psychic Protection

Chakra: All

Origin: Worldwide

Color: Various

What are Zeolites?

Zeolites are not actually crystals, but are instead a class of soft minerals that possess some interesting and unusual properties. They form within the cavities of basalt rock and are the result of the chemical reaction between volcanic ash and salt (or fresh) water. There are several types of Zeolites and part of what makes them special is their incredibly porous and absorbent nature. They have the ability to release water –   or specifically, steam – when they are heated. The term Zeolite is derived from the Greek words for “boil” and “stone.”

Ancient cultures have used Zeolites for centuries, both within healing and detoxification remedies. Today, Zeolites are highly utilized and serve a variety of commercial, environmental, and technological uses. You can find Zeolite in everything from cat litter to water softeners to air purifiers.

Zeolites are rarely pure and usually contain a variety of different minerals; often found growing into and on top of one another in combinations. This is why you’ll find Zeolites alongside many other types of minerals and crystals, including varieties of calcite and quartz. For this reason, Zeolites are highly diverse in appearance. You can find them in a wide range of colors and shades.

Zeolites meaning and properties – when and how Zeolites can help:

You’re feeling out of balance, stuck, or creatively blocked.

Zeolites are powerful tools for energetic alignment and are often used by Reiki practitioners and those who practice other alternative healing modalities. Connected with both the elements of water and fire, Zeolites can help us find balance within the masculine and feminine aspects of our being. This is why they are great for anyone feeling a bit out of sorts or disconnected from their inner spirit. Zeolites are known for their ability to clear out the mental clutter and psychic smog; making them beneficial for those starting a new project or wanting to feel more focused and productive.

You need to detox your life.

Zeolites are absorbent and porous which makes them very helpful for the intentional removal of toxins; which is why they are found in many cleaning and purification products. This detoxifying aspect also makes Zeolites great to work with for issues of psychic protection; if and when we need to gain space from the more toxic people and situations in our lives. Zeolites can encourage us to practice stronger energetic boundaries in our relationships and surroundings; assisting us with being more intentional about what we want to absorb and what we want to leave behind.

You’ve moved into a new home or want to refresh your space.

For the same reasons, Zeolites can help us keep our home environments clear of any lower vibrational or negative energies we may pick up from the outside world. Keep the vibe in your home high and purified by placing Zeolites in the corners of each room, or right at the entrances or doors. This can be done when you’ve recently moved into a new house or apartment of if you’d just like to invite in some lighter, more expansive energies into your current space.

Specific Types of Zeolites


The most common and popular Zeolite would have to be Stilbite. Stilbite has a beauti-ful, pearly appearance and is named after the Greek word for “shine.” Its soft and peace-ful vibration makes it a wonderful stone for those going through a major life transition or anyone who struggles with day to day anxiety. Stilbite is a great companion for medi-tators and those looking to expand their connection to spirit.  


Scolecite is another popular Zeolite known for its ability to bring calm and serenity to those who regularly work with it. A high-vibrational stone, Scolecite facilitates inner transformation and the alignment with one’s authentic self. It promotes easeful communication and can benefit those of us who are looking to bring more vulnerability and gentleness into our relationships.


Heulandite resonates with the heart chakra and can amplify states of compassion and love, while also gently releasing emotional baggage and unnecessary energetic attachments. If you’ve found yourself ruminating about a certain person or situation but also know it would be healthier for you to just let the whole thing go, work with Heulandite to help clear the path to your mental and emotional freedom.


Apophyllite is often confused for a Zeolite – as it is usually found alongside them – but it has a different structure and chemical makeup. Apophyllite does work well with Zeolites, however, as it has a delicate and calming vibration that helps amplify our intuitive awareness while also maintaining a sense of balance.

How to care for your Zeolite

When you bring your Zeolite home for the first time, allow it to adjust to your space and its new environment. As Zeolites are fairly porous in nature, it’s best to not immerse them in water. You can clean off any debris your Zeolite may have picked up using a soft cloth.

For continued care of your Zeolite, you can cleanse and charge it regularly. Some ways to do so include: leaving it in the moonlight or sunlight for a few hours, placing it in the Earth overnight, smudging it with a sacred herb of your choice, placing it on a Selenite plate, or playing a crystal singing bowl in its presence. Whether you are cleansing or charging your stones, the most important thing is the intention you set as you perform the action.

Disclaimer:  Please consult a healthcare professional for any medical advice. The information in this article is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition.