The Beauty of Himalayan Salt Decor

Seasoning for your space

What is Himalayan salt?

Himalayan Salt is a type of rock salt that comes from northeast Pakistan, at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. It is pink in appearance due to the variety of trace minerals it contains. It has become incredibly popular for a wide range of uses, from cooking to spa healing treatments to home decor. Himalayan Salt is similar to the table salt that we normally use but it is often preferred due to its purity, high mineral content, and relatively unprocessed state. This is why pink Himalayan Salt is considered by some to be a healthier dietary choice than regular table salt.

However, Himalayan Salt is not just a food item! It is used in many different types of products, including body scrubs, bath salts, statues, lamps, candle holders, and other forms of home decor.

What are the benefits of Himalayan salt?

There are many potential benefits to Himalayan Salt, especially when used in your home or work environment; or anywhere you spend a great deal of time.

Releases Negative Ions

When heat (either due to a lit candle or a light bulb) is applied to Himalayan Salt it will release negative ions into the air which are considered to be incredibly beneficial to humans. Ions are atoms or molecules that have lost or gained an electron through different shifts in the environment or atmosphere. 

Ions exist all around us. Negative ions are those which have gained one or more electrons while positive ions are those that have lost one or more electrons. The air outside is naturally balanced between positive and negative ions yet, depending on the environment, that balance could shift. In nature, like in the mountains or by the ocean, we can find a higher concentration of negative ions; which often makes us feel good and refreshed. Regular exposure to negative ions has been shown to boost mood and cognitive performance, among other benefits. 

In contrast, many busy cities and indoor, air-conditioned rooms have a higher concentration of positive ions than negative ones. Spending too much time in these environments can sometimes contribute to irritability, anxiety, and exhaustion.

Himalayan Salt has been reported to release negative ions which makes it a perfect addition to any room, especially if you spend a lot of time around electronic devices, appliances, or fluorescent lighting. Balance out your positive ion exposure by placing a Himalayan Salt crystal, lamp, or candle holder wherever you spend your time.

Purifies The Air

In addition to releasing negative ions and balancing out the environment in which it is placed, there are claims that Himalayan Salt also purifies and cleanses the air around it. 

Himalayan Salt is hygroscopic; meaning it attracts water molecules. If these water molecules contain any pollutants or allergens, they are pulled out from the air and absorbed into the salt lamp. Because of this, many people believe that Himalayan Salt can boost the air quality of whatever room it is placed in. This is why Himalayan Salt lamps or candle holders can be a wonderful home decor addition for those who live in polluted and/or urban environments but also for those who have pets, carpeting, or a lot of dust-collecting objects in their home.

Promotes Relaxation 

Many people claim that the Himalayan Salt’s ability to release negative ions has an effect on their mood and stress level. Several studies have been conducted on the mental and physical health benefits of negative ionization. This is why you’ll find Himalayan Salt lamps in spas, yoga studios, and metaphysical shops where the goal is to shift one’s energy to a place of centeredness and balance.

In addition, Himalayan Salt lamps emit a warm amber hue which can definitely create a lovely ambience; further promoting a sense of calm and relaxation. Some even describe the experience of being around a Himalayan Salt candle holder or a Himalayan Salt lamp as similar to sitting around a fireplace or a campfire; it can have quite a meditative effect on people. 

Promotes Restful Sleep

Due to the combination of benefits already described – including the release of negative ions, the purification of the air, and the sense of relaxation it can inspire – it can be easy to see why Himalayan Salt is also beneficial to our sleep. The more calm and centered we are overall, the easier it can be to fall asleep and stay asleep. Stress and anxiety tend to keep us awake or in sleep states that are less than restful. But by having a Himalayan Salt lamp close to your bed, you can boost your chances of having a better night’s sleep.  

How can you get the benefits from Himalayan salt in your home?

There are many ways you can use Himalayan Salt in your home. When it comes to decor, Himalayan Salt lamps are incredibly popular and for good reason! These lamps come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from extra large to miniature; you’ll even find Himalayan Salt lamps you can plug into a laptop!

Himalayan Salt lamps are typically hand-carved and sit on a wood base. The pink salt gives off an amber-colored glow when its interior bulb is switched on. The lamp creates a wonderful ambience in whatever room you place it in; not to mention, providing its other benefits to those within the space. 

These types of lamps, like the Himalayan Salt Natural Crystal Night Light, are an especially wonderful addition to any bedroom. Regular night lights can be too bright and disruptive to our sleep patterns but the natural glow of a Himalayan Salt lamp can actually induce a restful state. Turn on your lamp right before bedtime. Set the tone and mood in the room and allow yourself to shift into a relaxed state of mind. Switching on your Himalayan Salt lamp can be a great addition to a pre-sleep bedtime routine.

As previously mentioned, there are Himalayan Salt lamps of all sizes, including those you can keep around your office or workspace and plug directly into your computer with a USB cable, just like thisHimalayan Salt Natural Polished Stone Crystal Light.

In addition to utilizing a Himalayan Salt lamp, you can also find Himalayan Salt candle holders which are just as beneficial. The salt is often hand-carved into shapes, such as a sphere or a heart like this Himalayan Salt White Heart Candle Holder. These beautiful decorative pieces will usually accommodate a votive or tea-light candle. They make a great alternative to a Himalayan Salt lamp, as they tend to be lighter and more portable.

How to care for your Himalayan salt home decor products?

Clean your Himalayan Salt lamps or candle holders with a damp cloth. As they do pull moisture out of the air, they may need to be wiped down from time to time. If the lamp or candle holder is in too dry of an environment, it may start to shed a bit of salt. In this case, you may want to move it to a less dry space for several hours or a day.   

Wherever you place your Himalayan Salt home decor - be it your kitchen, living room, office, bedroom, or even your car – you’ll be sure to enjoy its beneficial presence!

:  Please consult a healthcare professional for any medical advice. The information in this article is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition.