Sodalite Crystal - Healing Properties, Meaning and Uses

The Serene Companion

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Uses: Brings order and calmness to the mind

Chakra: Throat Chakra

Origin: Greenland, Canada

Color: Blue, royal blue, blue-violet

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Birthstone: November




Sodalite is a powerful stone for healing and energy purposes. It has been used as a lucky charm and powerful protection amulet throughout the centuries and across civilizations. Sodalite comes in shades of royal blue to purple with white calcite inclusions. The stone has a waxy luster and often appears opaque due to the numerous inclusions inside. In general, sodalite brings mental clarity, order, and stability into your life. 

Sodalite was first discovered in the 19th century in Greenland. Later, it was found abundantly in some parts of Canada. Today, sodalite reserves are also found in Brazil, Portugal, China, Tanzania, and Australia.  

This beautiful blue stone can help ease relationship problems and encourage compassion and understanding between people by allowing you to see all sides of an argument or situation.


What are the meanings and properties of sodalite?


Sodalite is a fascinating stone with multiple meanings and properties, including the ability to facilitate spiritual enlightenment, growth, discipline, and motivation. Sodalite is derived from the Latin word Sodalis, which means comrade. Its dazzling blue color beautifully reflects the sky, inspiring thoughts of higher energies. In addition, sodalite's gentle vibration can be soothing during times of stress or for those with nervous dispositions.

Do you want to escape your head and enter a state of blissful tranquility? 

Sodalite is an excellent choice to help transform invading thoughts into something positive and constructive. It acts like a great companion who will remind you to take a deep breath and think things through.  Sodalite opens the mind to logic and rationality, inducing clarity and comprehension. Its grounding action stabilizes mood swings. 

Similarly, sodalite has soothing, calming vibrations to help you reach a deep meditative state for clear divination and empathic readings. You will be confident and at ease with sodalite by your side. 

Sodalite can assist in shifting energy, allowing you to confront issues and pave the way for healthy changes. With its soft, soothing blue color, sodalite emanates earthly energy. It helps you push through any situation that overwhelms you. 

Likewise, sodalite crystals can help unblock your throat chakra for better communication and self-expression. 

This magical stone instills a sense of freedom and hope. It helps you make the most of your time by putting a stop to one-way thinking. It also enhances your intuition and foresight. 

How to use sodalite crystal?



You can use sodalite in the form of jewelry or carry it in your bag for good luck and fortune. You can also keep the sodalite pyramids under your pillow to combat insomnia or meditate while holding them for effective cleansing. 

Here are some ways to use sodalite to calm your mind and process thoughts more clearly:

1. Wear sodalite jewelry

The most common use of sodalite is as jewelry. It is often set into necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Sodalite can also be found in rings, pendants, and brooches. 

While you may enjoy having a crystal on your nightstand, nothing makes quite as much of an impression as a sodalite pendant.  

2. Place sodalite crystals on your work desk

Place a sodalite point on your desk for a productive workspace environment. The soothing energy of the crystals will balance your surroundings, creating the right mindset to produce incredible results.

Think of these little jewels as your assistant. Their role is to make you feel like you deserve more out of life.

3. Put sodalite stones under your pillow

The bedroom is among the best places to use your sodalite stones. You can keep a tumbled sodalite stone under your pillow or on your bedside table to encourage a good night's sleep. With its ability to reduce anxiety, and stress, you can quickly drift into a deep slumber.

Enter a realm of dreams filled with vivid visions and mystical insights. 

You can rest easy with the soothing energies of sodalite stones.

4. Carry sodalite crystals in your purse or pocket

Keeping polished sodalite spheres in your purse or bag is another way to use the stone for its healing properties. You can also place the stone on your car dashboard while traveling to stay focused. 

5. Meditate while holding sodalite pyramid

Mediate with sodalite pyramids to protect your aura from negative energy and emotions. Placing the crystal near your meditating area will help you go deeper in your mediation sessions.

Here are quick steps to help you mediate with sodalite: 

Hold a sodalite pyramid in your hand. 


  • Close your eyes (or keep them open) and breathe deeply while holding on to its power. 
  • Think of a question you want an answer to. It could be an answer to a problem, a decision you have to make, or something else keeping you from moving forward in life. 
  • Observe your thoughts and feelings without reacting to them. Relax your body, breathe deeply, and slowly open your eyes.






How to care for your sodalite crystal.

It's essential to be delicate with sodalite as it can be quite brittle. It's recommended to keep the stone separate from harder gems in your collection. Also, the crystals' reflective surface and step-like structure tend to gather dust, so it's a good idea to keep your stone covered when not using it. A gentle wipe or swipe with the vacuum brush will do the trick when it does gather dust. You can also soak your sodalite in water if needed. 

Charging your sodalite can be as simple as placing it on a selenite charging plate or leaving it out in the moonlight for several hours. 

You can also charge the stone by burying it for 24 hours. Make sure to use a cloth bag or other natural covering to ensure dirt does not get into the crystal’s cracks and crevices. 

Cleanse your stone with a sacred herb you like.

Since sodalite is primarily used to draw out negative energy and alleviate a chaotic headspace, the stone benefits from cleansing more than other gems.  


Our final thoughts.

Sodalite is a healing stone with a robust energy profile and dynamics. It connects you to the cosmic consciousness and brings excellent awareness of your purpose in life. Moreover, it resonates with blue crystal energy that stimulates the throat chakra, enhancing self-expression and communication. You can wear sodalite as jewelry, put it in your pocket or purse, and meditate while holding it for maximum healing benefits.