Obsidian - Healing Properties, Meaning and Uses

The Grounding Guardian

Quick Info


Uses: Grounding, Clearing, Healing, and Psychic Protection

Chakra: Root Chakra, Third Eye Chakra

Origin: Worldwide

Color: Black, Red, Green, Gray, Yellow, Blue

Birthstone Months: December

Element: Earth




Obsidian is certainly an important tool to have in your spiritual toolbox! A powerful root chakra stone, it can help you stay grounded and balanced in times of distress and can renew your sense of security and safety when moving through challenging transitions. Obsidian is very protective and stabilizing, which is why it is often utilized by those who aim to open up psychically and connect with their higher guidance.


What is obsidian?



While it is often confused for a crystal, obsidian is actually volcanic glass formed by the swift cooling and hardening of lava. As a result, obsidian is classified as a stone and not a crystal. Most obsidian is jet black in color, but other varieties do exist. These include snowflake obsidian, mahogany obsidian, rainbow obsidian, golden obsidian, and apache tears.

Historically, obsidian was used to produce utensils, weapons, jewelry, and scrying mirrors. Scrying is an ancient divination practice, by which a clairvoyant or spiritual seeker gazes into a piece of obsidian (or a crystal ball) in order to obtain insight from the spirit world.



Obsidian meaning and properties – when and how obsidian can help.


You're overwhelmed and stressed.

It has been said that all of nature seeks a balance. And while this may be true, maintaining that balance within your own mental, emotional, and physical body is a daily practice. With so many different tasks and pulls on your energy and attention, it can be a challenge to stay focused, calm, and grounded. Having an obsidian in your pocket can be a very helpful tool when you are experiencing feelings of anxiety and overwhelm. 


You're ready to leave a toxic relationship. 

Our busy, hectic lives and extensive to-do lists can definitely be a source of tension but so can the unhealthy relationships we allow in our lives. If there is a person (or a job, home, or object) which seems to be draining you of your vital energy, then you may benefit from cutting the energetic cords which bind you to that person (or job, home, or object). As obsidian is a vibrant energetic protector and natural aura reinforcer, it can be utilized in cord-cutting rituals and crystal grids.

You're traveling

Whether we realize it or not, the majority of us are psychic sponges, taking on and in so much of the energy around us. If you’ve ever walked into a room after two people were engaging in a heated argument, you can actually feel the negative energy that permeates the space. As a result, whenever you find yourself in crowds of people, such as in airports, train stations, rest stops, or even in smaller family gatherings, you can definitely pick up some unwanted energy from the environment. Obsidian can benefit us in this regard by blocking and/or clearing any negativity we may potentially absorb.

You’re ready to heal some emotional wounds and shed old, limiting beliefs.

Obsidian is formed when heated magma from deep within the Earth is forced up through the surface by way of intense heat and pressure. This makes it a wonderful stone to assist in your own process of personal transformation. Keep an obsidian stone close by as you work on healing old hurts and releasing outdated self-concepts.


Practical Tips on How to Use Obsidian (Rituals, Meditation, & Home)

Grounding Meditation.

1. Place a piece of obsidian in the palm of your hand.

2. Close your eyes and direct your awareness to your palm, right where it meets your obsidian stone. As you breathe in, feel yourself connect with the energy of the stone. Feel its weight on your skin. Feel the pulse in your hand. Allow all of your attention to be on your palm and the obsidian in your hand. If a thought or worry pops into your head, notice it. In your mind’s eye, visually stamp the thought or worry with a label, i.e. “work” or “love life.” Do this with the knowing that you can return to that thought or worry in the future, if you so choose. Then, bring your attention back to your palm and your obsidian as you continue to concentrate on this part of your body.

3. Move the piece of obsidian to another area of your body. Try the base of your spine, one of your legs, the tops of your feet, or the back of your heels. Place your focus on this area now as you repeat the directions in step #2.

Emotional/Mental Body Detox.

1. Place your obsidian in your dominant hand.

2. Close your eyes and acknowledge the toxicity and lower vibrational static you would like to remove from your energetic body.

3. From your head to your feet, comb your entire aura (about 5 inches or so away from your physical body) with your obsidian, allowing the stone to brush away all the toxic, energetic dust from your field. As you do this, visualize everything unwanted leaving your aura, moving through the obsidian, and going directly back into the earth to be transmuted into something positive.

Full moon/energetic clearing ritual.

1. Full moons are a wonderful time to intentionally let go of what no longer serves you. Out with the old and in with the new! On the evening of the full moon, find a quiet spot where you won’t be disturbed. Have a piece of paper, a writing utensil, and your piece of obsidian close by.

2. Create a sacred space by cleansing the area around your body and the room using the herb of your choice. Visualize any stale or stuck energy leaving the space as you simultaneously visualize 100% pure light and love coming in to support you.

3. Write down on a piece of paper all that you are ready to release, be it a negative habit, relationship, or way of being.

4. Hold the piece of obsidian in your hand as you read aloud everything you’ve written down. When you’re finished, affirm, “This I release. I release. I release.”

5. Place the piece of paper on the ground and the stone right on top of it. Visualize all all that you are releasing moving through the obsidian and melting into the Earth, to eventually be transmuted into your desired circumstances. Place the obsidian on the ground and rip up your piece of paper. Discard the paper as you see fit.





How to care for your obsidian

When you bring your obsidian home for the first time, rinse it under cool water to remove any energetic or material debris it may have picked up. Allow it to adjust to your space and its new environment.   

For continued care of your obsidian stone, you can cleanse and charge it whenever you like. Cleansing a stone would be releasing any energy it may have absorbed. Charging a stone would be the equivalent to watering a plant. How do you cleanse and/or charge an obsidian stone? Some ways include leaving it in the moonlight or sunlight for a few hours, placing it in the Earth overnight, cleansing it with a sacred herb of your choice, placing it on a selenite plate, or playing a crystal singing bowl in its presence. Whether you are cleansing or charging your stone, the most important thing is the intention you set as you perform the action.



    Our final thoughts.

    Obsidian is deep! It originates from the depths of the Earth and as a result can be a wonderful stone for strengthening and expanding your connection to the planet, the spirit world, and your true self.

    Disclaimer:  Please consult a healthcare professional for any medical advice. The information in this article is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition.