Hematite - Healing Properties, Meaning, and Uses

Glistening & Grounding

Quick Info

Uses: Grounding, Strengthening, Psychic Protection

Chakra: Root

Origin: Worldwide, Especially in North America

Color: Black, Silver, Grey, Reddish Brown

Birthstone month: March


Hematite has been used for centuries as a grounding force; a stone representing fortitude and endurance. It is the type of protective, stabilizing crystal that connects us to the Earth but also to our own divine nature; allowing us to feel centered and secure enough in our physical bodies so that we may open up to receive divine wisdom and insights. Hematite is a great stone for anyone wanting to develop or expand their intuitive abilities.

What is Hematite?

Hematite is an iron oxide that is incredibly abundant on Earth; found in sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rocks. When polished, its metallic, shiny luster usually appears blackish silver.  

Hematite’s name, however, is derived from the Greek word for blood; due to its reddish color when in powdered form. In ancient times, Hematite was used as a form of paint; crushed and sprayed on cave walls for decoration and smeared on faces and bodies as a means of war paint. It was also used as a magical talisman throughout different cultures; symbolizing strength in battle as well as strength in one’s harvest and/or business enterprise.  

Today, Hematite is a popular polished crystal and appears in all forms of jewelry - bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and more. The metaphysical and healing properties of Hematite are numerous; with a variety of uses including psychic protection, grounding, and amplifying mental focus.

Hematite meaning and properties – when and how Hematite can help:

You are feeling overwhelmed or anxious.

Hematite has been used as a means for stabilization and strengthening for centuries. Its iron-rich nature makes it the perfect stone for anyone feeling tossed about by life’s often unpredictable current or overwhelmed by their endless to-do list. Meditate withHematite by placing a piece of it at your feet or wear a Hematite bracelet while moving throughout the world. Visualize it as a powerful anchor; centering you in your own breath and body so that you can accomplish the tasks in front of you with more ease.

You have to give a presentation or step on stage.

Whenever we have to perform for others in some capacity – especially when we have to be on stage in some form – it’s very natural for our “fight or flight” response to kick in. Performance anxiety is a very common phenomenon, whether we experience bits of it or large amounts. Often, this response around performance is due to our deeply ingrained fears of judgment and vulnerability. Keep a piece of Hematite nearby when you’re presenting yourself to new people; allow it to fortify your self-confidence and personal boundaries.

You want to deepen your spiritual connection

Hematite is worn by many professional intuitives and energy workers due to its ability to be simultaneously grounding and psychically expansive. While it is associated with the root chakra, it is also known to help the mental body; keeping the mind clear and our thoughts focused. If you’re looking to open up psychically or connect deeper with your own inner wisdom, Hematite can be a really helpful crystal to work with – especially when used in meditation, automatic writing, or energy healing.

Practical Tips on How to Use Hematite (Rituals, Meditation, & Home)

Ritual For Courage & Strength

1. While seated, hold a piece of Hematite in your palm and place your focus on the crystal. Notice its appearance, its weight, and the way it feels in your hand. You’ve now established an energetic connection between you and this piece of Hematite. Place it on the ground right in front of you. 

2. Close your eyes and visualize the Hematite. You are aware that it represents courage and strength. You are also aware of your connection to this piece of Hematite. It is a part of you and you are a part of it.3. Create sacred space by smudging the area around you with a cleansing herb of your choice, like sage or palo santo. Visualize the stale and stuck energy leaving the space around you as you simultaneously visualize 100% pure light and divine love coming in as support.

3. Keep your mental focus on the Hematite as you slowly breathe in and out. As you do, notice a silver light start to emanate from the crystal. This light gets bigger with each breath you take until eventually it fills the entire space in which you and the Hematite sit. Allow its presence to fortify your own energetic boundaries. Feel the expansion of courage and strength within you. Bask in this silver light and this energy.

4. Visualize yourself in a particular situation that requires you to be the most courageous and strong version of yourself. It could be a recurring situation in your life or a totally new one. Imagine this scenario in detail, activating your senses in your imagination as you do. Let yourself get surprised by how powerful you can be.

5. Affirm and repeat all of the following phrases (or whichever ones resonate most with you): “I am powerful. I am brave. I am strong. I move through the world with ease. I trust in myself. I trust in life. I rise to every occasion. I am more than capable.”

6. Bring your awareness back to this moment and to your breath. Open your eyes. In the coming days and weeks, keep your Hematite nearby as a symbol of your own courage and strength.

Meditation For Grounding & Stability

1. Whether seated or standing, make sure your feet are firmly planted on the ground. Place a piece of Hematite in your dominant hand.

2. Close your eyes and take a deep breath, imagining the breath bringing positive, soothing, and peaceful energy in through the bottoms of your feet and circulating that positive, soothing, and peaceful energy all throughout your body. As you do this, make sure to maintain a stable connection to the Earth. If it helps, visualize tree roots growing from the bottoms of your feet and anchoring you deep into the Earth.

3. Place your awareness on the Hematite in your hand. This crystal represents stability, strength, and your deep connection with the Earth. Make a deliberate connection with the Hematite in your hand and with each breath, feel yourself getting more and more grounded, secure, and supported with each breath.

4. Move the Hematite to your other hand. Once again, acknowledge that the crystal represents stability, strength, and your deep connection with the Earth. Make a deliberate connection with the Hematite in your hand and with each breath, feel yourself breathing in more security, stability, and support.

5. Move the Hematite to your feet. Allow this feeling of strength, security, and stability to permeate your entire being. Feel your feet on the ground.

6. Affirm, “I am safe. I am secure. I am balanced. I am always supported. I am home in my body. I am home on the Earth.”

How to care for your Hematite

When you bring your Hematite home for the first time, allow it to adjust to your space and its new environment. Rinse it under warm water and clean off any debris it may have picked up using a soft cloth.

For continued care of your Hematite, you can cleanse and charge it regularly. Some ways to do so include: leaving it in the moonlight or sunlight for a few hours, placing it in the Earth overnight, smudging it with a sacred herb of your choice, placing it on a selenite plate, or playing a crystal singing bowl in its presence. Whether you are cleansing or charging your stone, the most important thing is the intention you set as you perform the action.

Final thoughts

Hematite is a great option for empaths, highly sensitive people, or anyone needing to feel more grounded and present throughout their day. It works as an anchor; reconnecting us to our center as well as to the Earth’s core and allows us to more easily receive divine inspiration while maintaining a balanced energetic state. Hematite is a powerful stabilizing stone that should be part of every crystal collection.

Disclaimer:  Please consult a healthcare professional for any medical advice. The information in this article is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition.