Crystal Geodes 101

Nature's Surprise Gift

What are geodes?

Geodes are a special kind of treasure. On the outside, they appear just like typical rocks. But living within the geode’s exterior is an internal cavity full of magical minerals and crystals. The outer shell of a geode is incredibly durable and resistant to natural weathering, easily protecting its inside crystals from destruction. Usually these structures are igneous and sedimentary rocks; lined with gray and white agate as well as a variety of quartz, calcite, and agate crystals. These crystals can include amethyst, clear quartz, and citrine among others.

Geodes come in all sizes; from incredibly tiny – at barely an inch – to several feet long. Some of the largest geodes ever discovered have measured over 25 feet in length. The word geode comes from the Greek word meaning “shape of the Earth” and geodes are usually round like the planet and a bit oblong.

How are geodes formed?

Geodes essentially start out as hollow bubbles in rock; created by animal burrows, tree roots, or volcanic eruptions. Over time, pockets of air in the hollow rock receive deposits of minerals as groundwater seeps into the rock. Even after the water evaporates, the minerals remain and eventually become crystals. The process of geode formation is definitely not quick. It can take thousands or even millions of years for geodes to form.

Each geode is unique as its formation is due to a particular combination of factors; namely temperature, pressure changes, and chemical interactions. This is why geodes from similar regions tend to be similar in appearance. Yet, you won’t know what a geode appears to look like inside until it is broken open. The layers of banding present – as well as the particular colors of the crystals – is a result of the variety of minerals held within the rock; as well as its proximity to elements such as heat. Most geodes are naturally colorful but some people will dye the crystals within a geode in order to amplify its hue.

Where can you find geodes?

Geodes are found around the world but especially within a few particular areas, including Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay, Namibia, Australia, and the USA. It is common to find geodes in and around deserts, canyons, volcanoes, or large limestone deposits.

In addition to actually unearthing your own geodes, you can purchase them online or in a metaphysical or rock shop. They appeal to people of all ages for a variety of different reasons. Some people seek geodes for their healing benefits. Others find them to be a helpful introduction for children studying science and geology. Breaking open geodes is not only an educational activity for kids but it also allows them to receive the metaphysical benefits from their particular geode. Geodes that have already been broken in half make perfect wedding or anniversary gifts, as they symbolize two people coming together just like two halves of one whole stone.

How to utilize a geode

Geodes are used in various ways, including as multi-functional pieces of home decor. Geodes make beautiful paperweights or bookends for your bedroom or office while also providing healing and metaphysical benefits to the space. Placing an Amethyst geode in certain corners of your home is considered a beneficial practice in Feng Shui, as it can help balance the energetic flow of your environment.

Another way to use a geode is to carry one with you as you might carry a small, polished crystal. Keep a tiny geode as a talisman or use one as a keychain that can easily fit in your pocket or bag. Not only will you always be able to find your keys – depending on the size of the geode – but you’ll also receive all its metaphysical benefits.

Geodes can also be worn as jewelry, especially as seen in druzy necklaces or bracelets. A druzy is the crystal formation part of a geode which may be polished or wire wrapped in a pendant. Druzies are either kept natural or dyed based on color preference.

Geodes may be visually appealing but they also have a host of magical uses and healing benefits. This is why keeping a geode in your home, especially in a dedicated meditation area or sacred space, is an increasingly popular practice.

What are the healing properties of geodes?

Geodes hold within them different crystal varieties. As a result, they carry the healing and magical properties of these crystals. Some say crystals within geodes are extra powerful energetically because they exist within the protective, grounded structure of a rock.

Amethyst geodes are ideal for meditation and clear thinking; moving past addictive tendencies and negative habits. Clear Quartz geodes are natural amplifiers; boosting the vibration of any other surrounding crystals. Agate geodes will help with emotional balance and regulating mood shifts, especially when working towards important life goals. Citrine geodes will increase self-confidence and one’s ability to drawn in prosperity and abundance.    

Due to their particular shape and hollow, womb-like center, geodes of all types are great symbols of fertility and creativity. Keeping a geode in your workspace can facilitate inspiration and increase creative thinking.

Overall, geodes are supportive for anyone on a personal awakening journey, as they are naturally grounding and spiritually expansive. They facilitate a deep connection to one’s inner voice and higher self. Like all crystals, geodes are also a great reminder of the passage of time. As each geode can take thousands or even millions of years to form, meditating with a geode can be a necessary perspective shifter; releasing some of our day-to-day worries and reminding us that all is temporary and impermanent.

How to clean and care for your geodes

To clean your geode, simply wash it with soap and warm water. If there’s a lot of dirt on the surface, you may want to use a scrub brush with soft bristles. Just like your other crystals and stones, your geodes will appreciate a trip outside every now and then. Rest them in the dirt or grass; under the sun or the light of the full moon. Set the intention to cleanse or charge your geode, however you are utilizing it.

Whether you place one in or outside of your home or wear it as jewelry – geodes make wonderful additions to any crystal or stone collection. They symbolize life’s infinite, magical potential; reminding us that sometimes even within the very mundane, lies the extraordinary!

Disclaimer:  Please consult a healthcare professional for any medical advice. The information in this article is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition.