Carnelian Crystal - Healing Properties, Meaning and Uses

The Purveyor of Power

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Uses: Stimulates passion, instills courage, and is said to be a fertility stone

Chakra:  Root Chakra

Origin: Egypt, India, and Brazil

Color: Yellow-orange to deep reddish-brown

Birthstone Months: August and September

Element: Fire




Carnelian is one of the semi-precious stones in the Chalcedony family. It is a crystal associated with energy, passion, bravery, and creativity. It’s also known to have been used as a fertility stone. Carnelian crystal has an Egyptian origin and comes in a variety of different colors ranging from yellow-orange to deep reddish-brown.


What are the meanings and properties of carnelian?


What are the meanings and properties of carnelian? Carnelian is a potent stone that symbolizes warmth, bold energy, and joy that stimulates and empowers the mind, body and spirit. Carnelian is also known for enhancing endurance, courage, energy, motivation and for instilling passion into the wearer.  

Carnelian contains orange hues which are associated with feminine energy. The stone, however, becomes imbued with an active male energy stone when its colors become redder, reddish-brown, and red-orange. It’s traditionally worn to enhance passion, desire, and love. 

Carnelian is connected to three chakras; the root chakra, the sacral chakra, and the solar plexus chakra. The root chakra is the foundation of all chakras. It is the seat of safety, helping us stay grounded to the world. Maintaining the root chakra also helps one stay balanced and secure in their own skin.

If the root chakra gets blocked, you’ll start to feel insecure, unbalanced, and on the edge of life. You will also become overly risk averse. When there is the flow of the root chakra, you will have a foundation that keeps you centered and enables you to take emotional risks. 

The sacral chakra houses the seat of your intimacy, inner fire, and passion. The chakra awakens and opens the zest for life, allowing energy to flow from the ground to the naval. If the sacral chakra gets blocked, you may start to feel the struggle to connect and find it difficult to experience joy.

The solar plexus chakra is the final chakra associated with carnelian stone. This chakra is the place where your inner fire burns. It is the center of your self-esteem and where your warrior spirit resides. If this chakra gets blocked, you will feel that you do not have any fight left in you. 

Carnelian stone helps unblock each of these chakras and spurs them into action. Its properties will keep the chakras open and functioning properly. You can feel emotionally, physically, and mentally balanced. 

Carnelian stone helps bring out dormant confidence and helps mend broken self-esteem. The stone can facilitate powerful bursts of energy, getting you on your feet and giving you the drive to go on and conquer any challenge that life throws at you.

Carnelian stone also gives you an abundance of vitality to eradicate every feeling of being lost and sluggish. It is also referred to as the “Artist's Stone” because of the creative energy it helps create. It also keeps you confident and motivated throughout the day.


How to use carnelian crystal?


For success

Carnelian crystal can help bring you success in your work. Adding some carnelian decor to your office, home, or anywhere around you can attract abundance and good luck. You can also carry the gem with you to a business meeting to usher in a positive result. Having the stone around you will motivate you and promote a healthy mindset so you can stay positive with your chin up. Carnelian is often given as a gift to business partners, colleagues, bosses or anyone else you have an important professional relationship with.


For a sexual boost


If you want to enhance sexuality between you and your partner, you apply some Carnelian Gem Essence to your bedroom. It will create an aura that will enhance your sex drive and help revitalize your life under the sheets. As an energizing stone, carnelian helps draw out passion, lust and love like no other crystal.


For protection


You can protect yourself from psychic attacks by wearing carnelian as a necklace or amulet. Warriors in ancient times wore it around their neck for protection when heading into battle. You can also place it in water to make a gem elixir for drinking and improving your body activities. Make sure the stone is thoroughly washed and cleansed before you create your concoction.


For confidence

Meditation with carnelian is the ultimate form of self care. The ritual does not need to be complicated and it can pack a real punch over time. You can place one or two carnelian stones in your hand and focus on the breath while counting to ten. Picture the embodiment of your negative self talk collapsing into a single point. To that infinitely small space of negativity, add your one or two of your main insecurities and all the small things you've been beating yourself up over the past few days. Then allow this point to start floating away until it slowly fades away. While you should not expect a ritual like this to be a revelation, this meditation repeated allows you to chip away at your perceived limitations and shortcomings giving way to optimism and lighting a path to a better relationship with yourself. 





How to care for your carnelian

  • Place under running water to cleanse it from every negative energy.
  • Soak your gem in saltwater for a few hours to remove negative energy absorbed by the stone
  • Place your gem under moonlight or sunlight to cleanse and recharge it.
  • Use a sacred herb of your choice to cleanse your stone.
  • Place your carnelian on selenite to remove inharmonious energy from it.



Our final thoughts.

The fiery appearance of carnelian certainly translates into its healing properties. We love this gem for its ability to get us out of lethargic ruts and how it’s able to draw out dormant energy which we didn’t even know we had. Carnelian is truly a workhorse and excellent for every day use so if you haven’t already make sure to add it to your crystal collection.

Disclaimer:  Please consult a healthcare professional for any medical advice. The information in this article is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition.